IEEE Transactions on "Power Electronics", Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2004.
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Titre : IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2004.

Cité dans : [DIV367]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, août 2013.

Volume : 19
Issue : 1
Date : January 2004

Table of Contents
Pages : 0_1- 0_1
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New Design Method of Decoupling Control System for Vector Controlled Induction Motor
Kawabata, Y.; Kawakami, T.; Sasakura, Y.; Ejiogu, E.C.; Kawabata, T.
Pages : 1- 9
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Online Estimation of the Stator Resistance and Leakage Inductance of a Four-Phase Induction Machine Drive
Jacobina, C.B.; de Azevedo, C.C.; Lima, A.M.N.; de Souza Ribeiro, L.A.
Pages : 10- 15
[PDF Full-Text (280 KB)]

Common- and Differential-Mode HF Current Components in AC Motors Supplied by Voltage Source Inverters
Grandi, G.; Casadei, D.; Reggiani, U.
Pages : 16- 24
[PDF Full-Text (584 KB)]

A New Adaptive Integration Methodology for Estimating Flux in Induction Machine Drives
Cirrincione, M.; Pucci, M.; Cirrincione, G.; Capolino, G.-A.
Pages : 25- 34
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A Novel Soft-Switching High-Frequency Transformer Isolated Three-Phase AC-to-DC Converter With Low Harmonic Distortion
Hamdad, F.-S.; Bhat, A.K.S.
Pages : 35- 45
[PDF Full-Text (928 KB)]

Concise Modulation Strategies for Four-Leg Voltage Source Inverters
Ojo, O.; Kshirsagar, P.M.
Pages : 46- 53
[PDF Full-Text (360 KB)]

A New ZVS Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for Fuel Cell and Battery Application
Peng, F.Z.; Li, H.; Su, G.-J.; Lawler, J.S.
Pages : 54- 65
[PDF Full-Text (1040 KB)]

A Carrier-Based PWM Method for Three-Phase Four-Leg Voltage Source Converters
Kim, J.-H.; Sul, S.-K.
Pages : 66- 75
[PDF Full-Text (888 KB)]

Genetic Algorithm-Based Design of the Active Damping for an LCL-Filter Three-Phase Active Rectifier
Liserre, M.; Dell'Aquila, A.; Blaabjerg, F.
Pages : 76- 86
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A Parallel-Connected Single Phase Power Factor Correction Approach With Improved Efficiency
Kim, S.; Enjeti, P.N.
Pages : 87- 93
[PDF Full-Text (312 KB)]

Dual-Bridge DC–DC Converter: A New Topology Characterized With No Deadtime Operation
Song, W.; Lehman, B.
Pages : 94- 103
[PDF Full-Text (480 KB)]

A Modified Asymmetrical Pulse-Width-Modulated Resonant DC/DC Converter Topology
Mangat, S.; Qiu, M.; Jain, P.
Pages : 104- 111
[PDF Full-Text (472 KB)]

An AC VRM Topology for High Frequency AC Power Distribution Systems
Qiu, M.; Jain, P.K.; Zhang, H.
Pages : 112- 120
[PDF Full-Text (624 KB)]

An APWM Resonant Inverter Topology for High Frequency AC Power Distribution Systems
Qiu, M.; Jain, P.K.; Zhang, H.
Pages : 121- 129
[PDF Full-Text (536 KB)]

A Zero Voltage Transition Boost Converter Employing a Soft Switching Auxiliary Circuit With Reduced Conduction Losses
Jain, N.; Jain, P.K.; Joos, G.
Pages : 130- 139
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PWM-PD Multiple Output DC/DC Converters: Operation and Control-Loop Modeling
Barrado, A.; Olias, E.; Lazaro, A.; Pleite, J.; Vazquez, R.
Pages : 140- 149
[PDF Full-Text (816 KB)]

A Novel Single-Stage Full-Bridge Buck-Boost Inverter
Wang, C.-M.
Pages : 150- 159
[PDF Full-Text (736 KB)]

The Bang-Bang Hysteresis Current Waveshaping Control Technique Used to Implement a High Power Factor Power Supply
Barreto, L.H.S.C.; Coelho, E.A.A.; Farias, V.J.; de Freitas, L.C.
Pages : 160- 168
[PDF Full-Text (512 KB)]

New Two-Inductor Boost Converter With Auxiliary Transformer
Jang, Y.; Jovanovic, M.M.
Pages : 169- 175
[PDF Full-Text (344 KB)]

Synthesis of Input-Rectifierless AC/DC Converters
Liu, C.P.; Tse, C.K.; Poon, N.K.; Pong, B.M.H.; Lai, Y.M.
Pages : 176- 182
[PDF Full-Text (360 KB)]

Small-Signal Modeling of a Controlled Transformer Parallel Regulator as a Multiple Output Converter High Efficient Post-Regulator
Ferreres, A.; Carrasco, J.A.; Maset, E.; Ejea, J.B.
Pages : 183- 191
[PDF Full-Text (640 KB)]

A Reduced Common Mode Hysteresis Current Regulation Strategy for Multilevel Inverters
Loh, P.C.; Holmes, D.G.; Fukuta, Y.; Lipo, T.A.
Pages : 192- 200
[PDF Full-Text (784 KB)]

Performance Prediction of DC-DC Converters With Impedances as Loads
Li, P.; Lehman, B.
Pages : 201- 209
[PDF Full-Text (392 KB)]

An Innovative Digital Control Architecture for Low-Voltage, High-Current DC-DC Converters With Tight Voltage Regulation
Saggini, S.; Ghioni, M.; Geraci, A.
Pages : 210- 218
[PDF Full-Text (384 KB)]

$H^infty$Repetitive Control of DC-AC Converters in Microgrids
Weiss, G.; Zhong, Q.-C.; Green, T.C.; Liang, J.
Pages : 219- 230
[PDF Full-Text (792 KB)]

A Systematic Hard- and Soft-Switching Performances Evaluation of 1200V Punchthrough IGBT Structures
Azzopardi, S.; Vinassa, J.-M.; Woirgard, E.; Zardini, C.; Briat, O.
Pages : 231- 241
Lien : private/AZZOPARDI3.pdf - 11 page, 962 Ko.

  [1] :  [ART548]  S. AZZOPARDI, J.-M. VINASSA, E. WOIRGARD, C. ZARDINI, O. BRIAT, A systematic hard- and soft-switching performances evaluation of 1200 V punchthrough IGBT structures, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2004, pp. 231-241.

Integrated Packaging of a 1 kW Switching Module Using a Novel Planar Integration Technology
Liang, Z.; vanWyk, J.D.; Lee, F.C.; Boroyevich, D.; Scott, E.P.; Chen, Z.; Pang, Y.
Pages : 242- 250
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IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics information for authors
Pages : 251- 252
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Pages : 253- 253
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IEEE Member Digital Library
Pages : 254- 254
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IEEE Copyright Form
Pages : 255- 256
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IEEE Power Electronics Society
Pages : 0_3- 0_3
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