PCIM Europe, "Power Electronic - Components - Technology - Applications - Systems", no 3/2001.
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Titre : PCIM Europe, Power Electronic - Components - Technology - Applications - Systems, no 3/2001.

Cité dans : [DIV039]  Liste de revues diverses en électronique, avril 2016.
Auteur : Cahners Europe, http://www.cahnerseurope.com
Date : march 2001
Stockage : Bibliothèque LMP

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Aquisition attitudes. Making sure you buy for the right technology reasons 2



International Rectifier launches technology that will simplify power management design - See pages 10 & 18



Infineon unveils World's first power semis made in silicon carbide 4
Motorola unveils MRAM technology 5
Fairchild's fourth quarter results 5
Ansoft buys SIMEC 5
ST enjoys a good start to the millennium 6
National Semiconductor and Motorola team up to develop Lithium energy systems 6
Intersil is pleased with its wireless business results 6
Thermacore launches web-based design centre 8
Mentor has best fourth quarter results ever 8
Clare to boost switch production capacity 8
Advanced Power Technology revenues are up 60% 8

New Products


What's new on the market?
A digest of the latest 42-45



DC/DC converters for embedded systems


In many new designs where distributed power systems are being employed the number of localised power converters are increasing. How do we get rid of the extra heat that is generated? 12

Implementing distributed power architectures


The growing availability of leaded and surface mount packaged DC to DC converters is being fuelled by the increasing demand for reliable and efficient distributed power architectures across all the application areas. What should engineers look for when choosing packaged DC to DC converter solutions? 14

Space saving solutions for multiphase designs


Decreases in the volumes of data that is processed, stored, transmitted and displayed in PCs, servers and broadband networks has led to the need for new solutions to deal with power problems associated with the processing of all this information. We look at how iP2001 will reduce power supply design workload 18

Have fuel cells reached maturity and can they cope with the future 22


How Philips' GreenChip technology will boost normal and standby mode efficiencies in power supplies GreenChip is a second generation switched mode power supply controller integrated circuit which employs a highly integrated design for easy power supply design and the generation and design of compact and flexible power supplies 29

Progress in the development of magnetic materials


The basic components for the electric motor are the conduction materials with heat resistance shielding to generate the torque and the magnetic field and the magnetic material to build the soft magnetic circle to have the magnetic conduction. We look at how the associated technologies are developing 32

The benefits of power without base plates


Traditional DC to DC converter efficiencies were so low heat sinks were necessary to keep the converters cool. As a result converter manufacturers employed a mechanical design that was aimed at maximum heat dissipation. In this article the advantages of converters that operate without heatsinks are investigated 36

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