AMD&C, "Automation - Motion, Drives & Control", juin 2000.
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Titre : AMD&C, Automation - Motion, Drives & Control, juin 2000.

Cité dans : [DIV039]  Liste de revues diverses en électronique, avril 2016.
Date : juin 2000
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News 4



JetWeb hands on -products and software in focus 6



Robust, real-time Ethernet optimised for industry 10
Rack to the roots - Weidmüller sets standards 12
Automation superstore now on the Internet 14
Flexible solutions with Reckhoff bus terminal 21
Tailor-made plug connectors for demanding applications 24






Servo solution pushes can production 38
Encoders with great selection and fast availability, worldwide 40
Woodworking machinery is tough task for servo controls 42
Free of interference in EMC-critical environment 44
Open system architecture optimizes production 46
Cost saving drive in a small affordable package 48



New Products 50
Advertisers Index 54

Ethernet communication with Jetweb now becomes tangible - Page 6


The network is the controller this is the much-used slogan for JetWeb technology. What so far could
be presented in theory only has actually taken shape. After the first machine working with JetWeb
has been realised in a pilot project, products are now available.

Automation superstore on the internet - Page 14


The internet has become a tremendously big market place for al kinds of things. Now automation
products are available as well is a cross-vendor online superstore focusing
on the big and little needs of today's automation user. E-business, e-commerce, online shopping are
in everyone's mouth now and a number of automation suppliers, usually the bigger one are starting to
sell their products online. Cross-vendor product offering is yet to be explored. of
Italy is going that way an AMD&C has talked to their Director Jacopo Peterlongo about the specifics.

Innovative, versatile and available - new encoder family to cater for users needs - Page 40


Asked for their most pressing needs users of encoders put most emphasis on a large selection of
types and ranges of encoders, high quality and reliability, and immediate availability. The end user
attaches great importance to not having to hold a substantial quantity of stock, which in itself
entails large costs. For all users of incremental and absolute encoders, Coretech is an innovative
encoder system with literally millions of variants. Any of these types are available and can be
shipped within 48 hours.

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