Elsevier Science, "Solid State Communications", Vol. 115, Issue 9, july 2000.
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Titre : Elsevier Science, Solid State Communications, Vol. 115, Issue 9, july 2000.

Cité dans : [DATA197] Les revues Microelectronics Reliability et Microelectronics Journal, ELSEVIER, décembre 2004.
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Journal: Solid State Communications
ISSN : 0038-1098
Volume : 115
Issue : 9
Date : 21-Jul-2000

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pp 457-462
Structures and magnetic properties of high-temperature reaction
products of cerium metal and C"6"0 solid
Y. Maruyama, S. Motohashi, K. Suzuki, S. Takagi, H. Ogata

pp 463-466
Absence of ferromagnetism in electron-doped rare-earth manganates,
Ln"1"-"xA"xMnO"3 (x>0.5)
P.V. Vanitha, K. Vijaya Sarathy, A.K. Cheetham, C.N.R. Rao

pp 467-471
Observation of magnetic-field-modulated energy gap in carbon
J.-O. Lee, J.-R. Kim, J.-J. Kim, J. Kim, N. Kim, J.W. Park, K.-H. Yoo

pp 473-476
Evidence for breaking of the center of symmetry in zero-dimensional
H-bonded quantum paraelectric Rb"3H(SeO"4)"2
T. Gustafsson, M. Ichikawa, I. Olovsson

pp 477-481
Spin-dependent delay time in electronic resonant tunneling at zero
magnetic field
O. Voskoboynikov, S.S. Liu, C.P. Lee

pp 483-487
Solidus curve of the Al-Cu alloy system under pressure
H.-M. Kagaya, T. Suzuki, M.-S. Takaya, T. Soma

pp 489-491
The anisotropy and temperature dependence of g-factor in graphite
J. Stankowski, S. Waplak, W. Bednarski

pp 493-496
Synthesis and optical properties of ZnS:Cu(II) nanoparticles
M. Wang, L. Sun, X. Fu, C. Liao, C. Yan

pp 497-501
Analytical method for the calculation of the phase diagram of a
two-component lattice gas
R.V. Chepulskii

pp 503-507
Surface and microstructural properties of SnO"2 thin films grown on
p-InP (100) substrates at low temperature
T.W. Kim, D.U. Lee, J.H. Lee, Y.S. Yoon

pp 509-513
Phase transition in lithium ammonium sulphate doped with cesium metal
M. Gaafar, M.E. Kassem, S.H. Kandil

pp 515
Erratum to ''Anomalous Lande factor in narrow-gap semiconductor
heterostructures'' - [Solid State Communications 114(12) (2000)
V. Lopez-Richard, G.E. Marques, C. Trallero-Giner


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