Elsevier Science, "Microelectronics Journal", Vol. 31, Issue 7, July 2000.
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Titre : Elsevier Science, Microelectronics Journal, Vol. 31, Issue 7, July 2000.

Cité dans : [DATA197] Les revues Microelectronics Reliability et Microelectronics Journal, ELSEVIER, décembre 2004.
Auteur : ContentsDirect from Elsevier Science

Journal: Microelectronics Journal (Incorporating Journal of Semicustom ICs)
ISSN : 0026-2692
Volume : 31
Issue : 7
Date : 30-Jul-2000

Visit the journal at http://www.elsevier.nl/locate/jnlnr/02094

pp 491
Introduction to the MICRO/MEMS 99 special issue
H.B. Harrison

pp 493-496
Modeling HEMT intermodulation distortion characteristics
G. Qu, A.E. Parker

pp 497-501
The study on a screening threshold for reliability estimation of
optoelectronic coupled devices
J. Xu, D. Abbott, Y. Dai

pp 503-514
Analysis of system trade-offs for terahertz imaging
S. Mickan, D. Abbott, J. Munch, X.-C. Zhang, T. van Doorn

pp 515-522
Some benefits of random variables in switched control systems
A. Allison, D. Abbott

pp 523-529
Transferable silicon nitride microcavities
K. Winchester, S.M.R. Spaargaren, J.M. Dell

pp 531-536
Anomalous drain current-voltage characteristics in AlGaN/GaN MODFETs
at low temperatures
G.A. Umana-Membreno, J.M. Dell, L. Faraone, Y.-F. Wu, G. Parish, U.K.

pp 537-544
Laser beam induced current as a tool for HgCdTe photodiode
C.A. Musca, D.A. Redfern, J.M. Dell, L. Faraone

pp 545-551
HgCdTe photovoltaic detectors fabricated using a new junction
formation technology
M.H. Rais, C.A. Musca, J.M. Dell, J. Antoszewski, B.D. Nener, L.

pp 553-559
Simulation of circuits demonstrating stochastic resonance
G.P. Harmer, D. Abbott

pp 561-567
Microfabrication and reliability study of sapphire based
Ti/Pt-electrodes for thin-film gas sensor applications
W. Qu, W. Wlodarski, M. Austin

pp 569-575
A vertically sensitive accelerometer and its realisation by depth UV
lithography supported electroplating
W. Qu, C. Wenzel, K. Drescher

pp 577-582
Novel extension of neu-MOS techniques to neu-GaAs
P. Celinski, D. Abbott, S.F. Al-Sarawi, J.F. Lopez

pp 583-592
Sensor system for heart sound biomonitor
L.T. Hall, J.L. Maple, J. Agzarian, D. Abbott

pp 593-604
Very high speed differential optoelectronic algorithmic ADC using
n-i(MQW)-n SEED technology
S. Al-Sarawi, N. Burgess, W. Marwood, P. Atanackovic, D. Abbott

pp 605-610
Review of tradeoffs for quenched avalanche photodiode sensors for
imaging turbid media
M.L. Perkins, S.J. Hill, S.P. Mickan, D. Abbott, J. Munch, T. van

pp 611-616
Nanotechnology at the crossroads: the hard or the soft way?
D.E. Nicolau, J. Phillimore, R. Cross, D.V. Nicolau


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