Elsevier Science, "Microelectronics Journal", Vol. 31, Issue 8, August 2000.
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Titre : Elsevier Science, Microelectronics Journal, Vol. 31, Issue 8, August 2000.

Cité dans : [DATA197] Les revues Microelectronics Reliability et Microelectronics Journal, ELSEVIER, décembre 2004.
Auteur : ContentsDirect from Elsevier Science

Journal: Microelectronics Journal (Incorporating Journal of Semicustom ICs)
ISSN : 0026-2692
Volume : 31
Issue : 8
Date : Aug-2000

Visit the journal at http://www.elsevier.nl/locate/jnlnr/02094

pp 629-634
A study on dielectric properties of a new polyimide film suitable for
interlayer dielectric material in microelectronics applications
A. Kuntman, H. Kuntman

pp 635-639
Zinc diffusion process investigation of InP-based test structures for
high-speed avalanche photodiode fabrication
I. Yun, K.-S. Hyun

pp 641-646
A study on the poly-Si TFT and novel pixel structure for low flicker
K.M. Lim, H.C. Kang, M.Y. Sung

pp 647-651
Improved bias-thermal-stress method for the insulator charge
measurement of BN/InP MIS structures
A. Koukab, A. Bath, P. Thevenin

pp 653-661
Effects of rapid thermal annealing in vacuum on electrical properties
of thin Ta"2O"5-Si structures
D. Spassov, E. Atanassova, G. Beshkov

pp 663-666
Oxide field enhancement corrected time dependent dielectric breakdown
of polyoxides
V.K. Gueorguiev, T.E. Ivanov, C.A. Dimitriadis, S.K. Andreev, L.I.

pp 667-676
A simulation study on the effect of channel thickness on the
characteristics of
S.F. Yoon, A.H.T. Kam, H.Q. Zheng, B.P. Gay

pp 677-683
Monitoring photoresist glass transition temperature versus processing
parameters via NMR broad band spectroscopy
D.V. Nicolau, C. Bercu

pp 685-688
Surface field distribution and breakdown voltage of RESURF LDMOSFETs
S.-Y. Han, H.-W. Kim, S.-K. Chung

pp 689-699
Using a sigma-delta modulator as a test vehicle for embedded
mixed-signal test
J. Raczkowycz, P. Mather, S. Saine

pp 701-709
Electrical modeling of the chip scale ball grid array package at
radio frequencies
M.F. Caggiano, E. Barkley, M. Sun, J.T. Kleban

pp 711
Advanced electromagnetic analysis of passive and active planar
structures - T. Rozzi and M. Farina; IEE publications, UK, 1999, pp.
264, @$45.00, casebound, ISBN 0-852-96763-2
A. Saidane

pp 712
Analog and Mixed-Signal Boundary-Scan - A Guide to the IEEE 1149.4
Test Standard; A. Osseiran (Ed.); Kluwer Academic Publishers,
Dordrecht, 1999, 155 pages, hardcover, ISBN 0-792-38686-8, @$73
A. Saidane

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