"Charge-extraction technique for studying the surface states in MOS devices", 1993.
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Titre : Charge-extraction technique for studying the surface states in MOS devices, 1993.

Auteur : Mitra, V.
Auteur : Bouderbala, R.
Auteur : Benfdila, A.
Auteur : Bentarzi, H.
Auteur : Amrouche, A - Inst. Nat. d'Electr. d'Electron., Boumerdes, Algeria

Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Lien : private/MITRA.pdf - 9 pages, ko.
Source : Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on
Pages : 923 - 931
Date : May 1993
Volume : 40
Issue : 5
ISSN : 0018-9383
References : 21
Accession_Number : 4414206

Abstract :
A method called the charge-extraction technique is proposed for
studying the surface states in MOS devices. This new technique
utilizes the substrate current arising from the non-steady-state
emission of carries from the surface states instead of that
arising from their steady-state recombination, as utilized in the
charge-pumping method. This is achieved by confining the
amplitude of the gate-voltage signal to such a magnitude that the
surface region of the device does not cross the depletion limits.
A new theoretical model is developed for the present case which
predicts the occurrence of a maximum value of the substrate
current at a certain optimum frequency of the applied
gate-voltage signal. Experimental measurements have been found
quite in conformity with the theoretical model. It is found that
the maximum substrate current and the corresponding optimum
frequency, obtained in this way, can serve as more handy and
precise parameters for the determination of the surface states.

Subject_terms :
nonsteady state carrier emission; surface potential sweep; gate
voltage signal amplitude; MOSFET; surface states; MOS devices;
charge-extraction technique; substrate current; theoretical
model; optimum frequency; Si-SiO/sub 2/ interface; insulated gate
field effect transistors; metal-insulator-semiconductor devices;
surface electron states; surface potential

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