"Spectroscopic charge pumping: A new procedure for measuring interface trap distributions on MOS transistors
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Titre : Spectroscopic charge pumping: A new procedure for measuring interface trap distributions on MOS transistors

Auteur : Van den bosch, G.
Auteur : Groeseneken, G.V.
Auteur : Heremans, P.
Auteur : Maes, H.E - IMEC, Leuven, Belgium

Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Lien : private/BOSCH.pdf - 12 pages, ko.
Source : Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on
Pages : 1820 - 1831
Date : Aug. 1991
Volume : 38
Issue : 8
ISSN : 0018-9383
References : 23
Accession_Number : 4016645

Abstract :
An approach to the application of the charge pumping technique is
proposed as a tool for the measurement of interface trap energy
distributions in small area MOS transistors. The new approach is
spectroscopic in nature, i.e., only one energy window is defined,
and forced to move through the bandgap by changing the sample
temperature. This method has the advantages of addressing a
larger part of the bandgap as compared to the classical approach,
of reducing the complication in the processing of the data, and
of yielding information about the hole and electron capture cross
sections separately. Experiments performed on both n-channel and
p-channel MOS transistors reveal that, in the temperature
(energy) range studied, the interface-trap distribution is slowly
varying with energy and that the trap capture cross section is
nearly constant over energy and temperature.

Subject_terms :
spectroscopic charge pumping; measurement technique; sample
temperature change; n-channel MOS transistors; new procedure;
measuring interface trap distributions; small area MOS
transistors; p-channel MOS transistors; trap capture cross
section; insulated gate field effect transistors; semiconductor
device models

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