J.M. LI, X. TIAN, D. LAFORE, "Energy absorption devices for solid state interruption", EPE'95.
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Article : [PAP117]

Titre : J.M. LI, X. TIAN, D. LAFORE, Energy absorption devices for solid state interruption, EPE'95.

Cité dans : [DIV134]  EPE'95, European Conference on POWER ELECTRONICS AND APPLICATIONS, Seville, Espagne, september 1995.
Auteurs : J.M. LI, X. TIAN, D. LAFORE

Revue : EPE'95 - Seville
Date : 1995
Volume : 2
Pages : de 2.229 à 2.234

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Résumé :
A solid state contactor or a cicuit breaker consists of three main elements: a low on-state voltage
main power semiconductor, an energy absorption device (ZnO varistors in general) and a snubber
("C" or "RCD") which is only necessary for power devices having limited RBSOA. ZnO varistors have
high peak current and energy absorption capabilities. However they give not only high clamping
factor but also voltage spike at the beginning of clamping, thereby greatly increasing the requirement
in main power switch breakdown voltage. In this paper, we propose an "active energy absorption device"
which allows controllable clamping factor and constant clamping voltage and does not have the ZnO's
voltage spike. Therefore it can be another alternative for eneergy dissipation in solid state
interruption. The proposed device can also be associated with ZnO varistors to achieve a combined
device enabling high clamping performance as well as high energy dissipation capability.

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