EuroSim 2004

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September 30, 2003


Special Sessions

Interested persons may propose special sessions and invite contributors in the corresponding field.

A session is composed of five papers. So, proposed sessions should fit within 5 or 10 papers. The session organisers should invite authors and obtain the extended abstracts. They are to make sure that the extended abstracts arrive on time and the level is adequate. The extended abstracts will be published in paper form at the congress.

Potential organisers are to send a one page description of their sessions to the conference chairman After the acceptance of the session, they may invite potential authors to submit.

Special Sessions Titles

Modeling and Simulation of Distributed Systems and Networks

Modeling and Simulation of Object Based Software Systems

Critical Infrastructures Protection - the Simulation Approach

Statistical Modeling in Bio-Reliability

Simulation of Adaptive Control Systems

Simulation of Logistic Systems

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