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The venue is Aalborg, which is a beautiful and lively city, steeped in history and rich in great experiences. With its magnificent location by the banks of the rolling Limfjord, Aalborg is the main city in the Danes' preferred holiday region, North Jutland. In addition, Aalborg is the largest conference centre in the Danish provinces and Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre is the site of a large number of congresses, meetings, exhibitions and cultural events.

It was the Vikings who founded a settlement at this point where the Lim Fjord is narrowest, and through the years, the city developed into one of the busiest trading centres in the country. Trade and wealth set their mark on the city and many of the old buildings from that time have been preserved as natural elements in the city scene.

A special mention must be made of Jens Bang's House, a five-storeyed, Renaissance structure dating from 1624, Jørgen Olufsen's Gård from 1616, and the lovely Aalborghus mansion from 1539. The 15th century cathedral, dedicated to the English St. Botolph and known as "Budolfi Church" as well as Denmark's oldest social service insitution, the Monastery of the Holy Ghost, dating from 1431, also bear witness to the history of a busy city.