AN1262, C. ADRAGNA, "Offline Flyback Converters Design Methodology with the L6590 Family", APPLICATION NOTE, STMicroelectronics, May 2001.
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Titre : AN1262, C. ADRAGNA, Offline Flyback Converters Design Methodology with the L6590 Family, APPLICATION NOTE, STMicroelectronics, May 2001.

Cité dans : [DIV009]  Application Note ST Microelectronics, juillet 2005.
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Auteur : Claudio Adragna - STMicroelectronics

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Lien : AN1262.pdf - 416 Ko, 42 pages.

Abstract :
The design of flyback converters is quite a demanding task that requires SMPS engineers to cope with sev-
eral problem areas such as magnetics, control loop analysis, power devices, as well as regulations concern-
ing safety, EMC and the emerging standby consumption requirements. Lots of variable are involved and
complex tradeoffs are necessary to meet the goal.
In this scenario, the high-voltage monolithic switchers of the L6590 family greatly simplify the task and, at
the same time, allow to build robust and cost-effective low-power systems.
In this application note, after a review of flyback topology, a step-by-step design procedure of an offline sin-
gle-output flyback converter will be outlined. As an example, the design of the test board will be carried out
in details.

1 Flyback Basics . 1
2 Converter Electrical Specification 3
3 Pre-design Choices 3
4 Preliminary Calculations (step 1) 5
5 Bridge rectifier selection 5
6 Input Bulk Capacitor selection 6
7 Preliminary Calculations (step 2) 7
8 Operating Conditions @ Vin = VDCmin 8
9 Flyback Transformer design 10
10 Clamp Circuit design 16
11 Secondary rectifier selection 18
12 Output Capacitor selection and post filter 18
13 Self-supply Circuit design 20
14 Brownout Protection design (L6590A and L6590D only) 20
15 Control loop design 21
16 Secondary feedback implementation 24
17 Primary feedback implementation 30
18 Layout Recommendations 31
19 Test Board: Design and Evaluation 33
20 References 40

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[2] : "Calculation of Transil Apparent Dynamic Resistence", AN575.
[3] : "Transistor Protection by Transil", AN587.
[4] : "Getting Familiar with the L6590 Family High-voltage Fully Integrated Power Supply", AN1261.

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  [4] :  [DIV234]  AN1261, C. ADRAGNA, Getting Familiar with the L6590 Family High-voltage Fully Integrated Power Supply, APPLICATION NOTE, STMicroelectronics, May 2001.

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