L6590, "ST: high voltage chip to simplify power supply design", juin 2001.
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Titre : L6590, ST: high voltage chip to simplify power supply design, juin 2001.

Cité dans : [DIV009]  Application Note ST Microelectronics, juillet 2005.
Cité dans : [DIV126]  T. LEQUEU, Librairie des fichiers PDF de composants, octobre 2022.
Auteur : STMicroelectronics GmbH

Site : http://www.power-electronics-net.com
Site : http://www.st.com
Lien : L6590.pdf - 313 Ko, 23 pages, L6590, FULLY INTEGRATED POWER SUPPLY.

  [1] :  [DIV234]  AN1261, C. ADRAGNA, Getting Familiar with the L6590 Family High-voltage Fully Integrated Power Supply, APPLICATION NOTE, STMicroelectronics, May 2001.
  [2] :  [DIV235]  AN1262, C. ADRAGNA, Offline Flyback Converters Design Methodology with the L6590 Family, APPLICATION NOTE, STMicroelectronics, May 2001.

Presentation :
Designed to simplify offline power supplies up to 15W, the L6590 Fully Integrated Power Supply chip from STMicroelectronics integrates a 700V power MOSFET switch, plus all of the control circuits needed to build a converter using flyback, boost or forward topologies. The device operates over the universal input voltage range of 85VAC to 265VAC and also with DC inputs, making it a flexible solution for consumer applications in all world markets.

An on-chip 65kHz oscillator eliminates the need for external oscillator components and a non-dissipative internal startup circuit guarantees high efficiency at light load and also further reduces the external parts count. Standby operating mode ensures high efficiency at light loads (Pin<200mW @ Po=0W) meeting the tightest regulations concerning standby operation. A brownout function prevents spurious turn on at power down and protects against input line undervoltage. In addition, an on-chip error amplifier improves primary regulation, avoiding the cost of an external optocoupler and op-amp feedback network.

Typical applications of the L6590 include wall plug power supplies, AC-DC adapters, auxiliary supplies for CRTs, LCD monitors, desktop PCs and servers, fax machines and laser printers. Three package versions are available. The L6590D is assembled in a 16-lead Small-Outline package (SO-16W) and provides both the brownout and error amplifier connections. Types L6590N and L6590AN are both assembled in 8-lead DIP packages and exclude either the error amplifier (L6590AN) or the brownout function (L6590N). Design support for the L6590 includes an evaluation package - order code EVAL6590N -that contains samples, an evaluation board and PC software, which simulates the application function. This software assists in the selection of external components and simulates overall application performance. An application note is available from www.st.com.

The L6590 is fabricated using ST's proprietary BCD-Offline technology, which allows the integration of 700V power devices and control circuits on the same chip. This technology is used in a variety of applications including offline power supplies and energy-saving electronic lamp ballasts. BCD-offline is a high voltage implementation of ST's bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) technology family that is applied in a broad range of smart power applications ranging from simple motor drivers to complex smart power subsystems with embedded microcontrollers.

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