DCC - PEC - HPC, "Drives & Controls Conference - Power Electronics Conference - Hydraulics & Pneumatics Conference".
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Titre : DCC - PEC - HPC, Drives & Controls Conference - Power Electronics Conference - Hydraulics & Pneumatics Conference.

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Congrès : Drives & Controls Conference - Power Electronics Conference - Hydraulics & Pneumatics Conference
Date : 13 - 15 March 2001
Info : Papers are sought from researchers, developers, manufacturer installers and users.
The Drives and Controls/Power Electronics/Hydraulics & Pneumatics Conference 2001 will focus on the
technologies of power transmission, motion control, power electronics and fluid power. The latest technical developments
will be presented and open for discussion: legal changes will be assessed: ground-breaking applications will be reviewed.

The object of the conference is to create a forum in which to advance the science of drives, motion engineering, machine
control, power conversion and related disciplines.

Those wishing to have a paper considered for presentation by the selection committee should send a 150 - 400 word synopsis and
two key diagrams to the organisers by 29th October 2000.

Speakers will be provided with overnight accommodation in a four star hotel close to the conference centre the night before their
presentation. There is also a speakers dinner the night before each session. .

For additional information regarding the conference please contact me on
Tel : +44 (0) 1252 370109
Fax : +44 (0) 1252 370106
Lien : mailto:carol@kamtech.co.uk
Lien : DCC/DRIVES.txt - 33 Ko.
Lien : DCC/DCC2001.txt - 10 Ko.
Lien : DCC/DCC2001.pdf - 283 Ko.

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