S. AZZOPARDI, O. BRIAT, J.M. VINASSA, "Experimental comparison of two hybridization strategies for ESS-battery association in heavy duty electric vehicles", EPE'2003, Toulouse, 6 pages.
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Article : [ART556]

Titre : S. AZZOPARDI, O. BRIAT, J.M. VINASSA, Experimental comparison of two hybridization strategies for ESS-battery association in heavy duty electric vehicles, EPE'2003, Toulouse, 6 pages.

Cité dans : [DIV213]  EPE'2003, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, Toulouse, France, du 2 au 4 septembre 2003.
Cité dans : [DIV432]  Recherche sur l'auteur Stéphane AZZOPARDI, juillet 2004.
Lien : mailto:azzo@ixl.u-bordeaux.fr
Lien : mailto:briat@ixl.u-bordeaux.fr
Auteur : VINASSA Jean Michel - IXL - TALENCE - FRANCE
Lien : mailto:vinassa@ixl.u-bordeaux.fr

Date : du 2 au 4 septembre 2003
Congrés : 10th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications
Lien : private/2003PP1111.pdf - 433 Ko, 6 pages.

Keywords :
Electric vehicles, Energy Control Unit, Energy system management, Hybrid vehicles, Test bench

Abstract :
This paper deals with the validation of a hybrid source for heavy duty electric vehicles. It is based on an Electromechanical Storage System
(ESS) and a battery association. This combination is based on a hybridization strategy which takes advantage to control capabilities of the
ESS unit. An experimental test bench on a reduced scale of power has been designed and realized to validate this principle. After accuracy
and representativeness verification, the hybrid source has been integrated into the bench. Then, it has allowed to compare two opposite
hybridization strategies for the same typical mission profile of the vehicle. Significant results are presented and discussed in order to evaluate
the benefits of this solution.



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