"Thermal resistance degradation of alloy die attached power devices during thermal cycling.
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Article : [ART546]

Info : REPONSE 35, le 31/03/2004.

Titre : Thermal resistance degradation of alloy die attached power devices during thermal cycling.

Cité dans : [DATA035] Recherche sur les mots clés thermal + fatigue + semiconductor et reliability + thermal + cycle, mars 2004.
Auteur : Naderman, J. (Philips Semiconductors, Nijmegen, Neth)
Auteur : Ragay, F.W.
Auteur : de Vries, D.G.
Auteur : van Eck, A.
Auteur : van de Water, J.

Meeting : Proceedings of the 1998 36th IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium.

Info : organization : IEEE
Location : Reno, NV, USA
Date : 31 Mar 1998-02 Apr 1998

Source : Annual Proceedings - Reliability Physics (Symposium) 1998.IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA,98CH36173.p 248-253
ISSN : 0099-9512
Année : 1998
Meeting_Number : 48590
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Theoretical; Experimental
Language : English
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Abstract :
Backside SCAT images have been correlated to alloy morphology (cross-section) and composition data (stochiometry) to model the Theta JC degradation for Surface Mounted Device packaged Power ICs as a function of the temperature cycling range.We find that an appropriate setting of the die attach process can suppress needle-shaped Cu3Sn in favor of roughly spheroidal Cu6Sn5.We derived from the degradation of the Theta JC during thermal cycling stress tests with different temperature swings, an acceleration factor which can be described by the Coffin-Manson law.The fit parameter q in this formula is 9.35 for the new improved setting of the die attach process when the HSOP package is used.Finally, a maximum Theta JC degradation of 0.34 K/W based on the normal distribution approach results in a lifetime of 12 years.When a customer requires a maximum Theta JC of 2.0 K/W at the end of life, 50 years can be guaranteed.(Author abstract) 6 Refs.

Accession_Number : 1998(35):4992 COMPENDEX

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