FAY HUA, "Pb-free solder challenges in electronic packaging and assembly", Proceedings of the 53rd Electronic Components and Technology Conference, 2003, pp. 58-63.
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Titre : FAY HUA, Pb-free solder challenges in electronic packaging and assembly, Proceedings of the 53rd Electronic Components and Technology Conference, 2003, pp. 58-63.

Cité dans : [DATA035] Recherche sur les mots clés thermal + fatigue + semiconductor et reliability + thermal + cycle, mars 2004.
Cité dans : [DIV463]  Recherche sur les mots clés FLIP CHIP, juillet 2005.
Auteur : Fay Hua (Mater. Technol. Oper., Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA, USA)

Source : 53rd Electronic Components and Technology Conference. Proceedings (Cat. No.03CH37438) Piscataway, NJ, USA: IEEE, 2003.
Pages : 58 - 63 of xxiv+1880 pp.
Références : 20 refs.
Conference : New Orleans, LA, USA, 27-30 May 2003
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ISBN : 0-7803-7991-5
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Language : English
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Abstract :
Solders are used in many areas of electronic packaging and assemblies. They have been used as electrical and mechanical interconnects, such as flip chip bumping and attachment, ball grid array (BGAs), surface mount technology (SMT), and soldering surface finishes, such as leadframe coating and print circuit board metal surface finish for several decades. As future electronics become smaller, faster and cheaper, there are several critical soldering technology gaps. Fundamental understanding of Pb-free solders. Industry has over 50 years of experience with SnPb solders in electronics packages. Empirical rules for SnPb solders are not automatically applicable to Pb-free solders. In addition, smaller, faster and cheaper electronics require increasing electrical power. The solder joints undergo mechanical, electrical current as well as thermal stresses in the application. The responses of Pb-free solders to the stresses are different from SnPb solders. Fundamental understanding of Pb-free solders is key task for solder material researchers for the next decade.

Accession_Number : 2003:7755556 INSPEC

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