L. GERTMAR, "Power Electronics and Wind Power", EPE'2003, September 2003, Toulouse, France.
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Titre : L. GERTMAR, Power Electronics and Wind Power, EPE'2003, September 2003, Toulouse, France.

Cité dans : [DIV213]  EPE'2003, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, Toulouse, France, du 2 au 4 septembre 2003.
Cité dans : [CONF004] EPE, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, juillet 2012.
Auteur : Lars Gertmar

Adresse : ABB, Corporate Research, Västerĺs, Sweden
Phone : +46 21 32 31 31
Fax : +46 21 32 32 64
Adresse : Dep. of Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation, LTH/IEA, Lund University, Sweden
Date : du 2 au 4 septembre 2003
Congrés : 10th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications
Lien : private/2003PP1205.pdf - 1817 Ko, 29 pages.

Keywords : Wind Energy, Wind Generator Systems, Adjustable Speed Generation Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Power Transmission

Abstract :
Renewable energy facilities will constitute a major contribution to electrical power in the future. The
wind turbine will, together with biomass, form the major renewables parts up to year 2030 including
erection of offshore wind farms. The wind is a non-storable energy source, whose electric energy
needs priming into interchangeable energy to be competitive for large-scale power generation. An
essential task is then to make wind power as commercially valuable and fungible as electric power
produced by traditional, dispatched plants such as fossil fuel power plants, hydroelectric plants,
nuclear plants and the like. Power electronics is a fundamental candidate when priming wind power.
Another candidate is automation starting in the towers and ending in load management. Power
electronics and automation shall be cost-effective and reliable. Power electronic hardware shall be
common but in moderation because losses and investments must be paid back: by better trading on
the power exchange, by availability, by reduced mechanical and/or civil engineering as well as by
efficiency and reliability. An overview of wind power from different perspectives: collection &
transmission (C&T), energy storage, R&D e.g. in EU and US, existing technology, wind’s future(s)
business, etc. is comprised. EPE should be challenged to exploit wind power opportunities.



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