"Thermal cycling reliability of electronic interconnections for automotive under the hood applications", 1991.
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Info : REPONSE 50, le 06/05/2002.

Titre : Thermal cycling reliability of electronic interconnections for automotive under the hood applications, 1991.

Cité dans : [DIV334]  Recherche sur les mots clés power cycling of power device, mai 2002.
Auteur : Keusseyan, Roupen L. (Electronics Technology Cent, NC, USA)
Auteur : Goeller,
Auteur : Peter T.
Auteur : Dilday, John L.

Meeting : ASME Winter Annual Meeting.
Location : Atlanta, GA, USA
Date : 01 Dec 1991-06 Dec 1991
Source : American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Paper).Publ by ASME, New York, NY, USA, 91-WA-EEP-9.p 1-8
ISSN : 0402-1215
Année : 1991
Meeting_Number : 16203
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Application
Language : English
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Switches :
Power :
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Abstract :
The growth of scale of integration in semiconductors, coupled with
increasing speed, size, power, expanded applications and harsh
environments, is placing demands on electronic interconnections for
enhanced reliability and performance.Thermal cycling of electronic
assemblies produces repeated mechanical loading of connecting joints
through differential thermal expansion among assembly members.Such cyclic
loading can lead to premature failure manifested by joint/substrate
cracking.Experimental results on thermal cycling performance of solder,
braze and conductive adhesive interconnections are discussed and
correlated with the deformation and fatigue mechanisms that are dominant
in the range of temperature cycling.Under severe thermal cycling
conditions. braze and some conductive adhesive joints show superior
thermal cycling reliability compared to eutetic and pseudo-eutectic
tin-lead solder joints.(Author abstract) 17 Refs.

Accession_Number : 1992(6):83115 COMPENDEX

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