"Modules with solder contacts for high power applications", 1984.
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Article : [ART206]

Info : REPONSE 139, le 06/05/2002.

Titre : Modules with solder contacts for high power applications, 1984.

Cité dans : [DIV334]  Recherche sur les mots clés power cycling of power device, mai 2002.
Auteur : Neidig, A. (Brown Boveri & Cie, Lampertheim, West Germany)

Source : Conference Record of the Industry Applications Society IEEE-IAS-1984 Annual Meeting (Cat. No. 84CH2060-2) New York, NY, USA: IEEE, 1984. p.723-8 of 1394 pp. 3 refs.
Conference : Chicago, IL, USA.
Date : 30 Sept-4 Oct 1984
Sponsor(s) : IEEE
Price : CCCC CH2060-2/84/0000-0723$01.00
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Application; Practical
Info : Country of Publication : United States
Language : English
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Abstract :
Thyristor modules in the high-power range are presently limited to
two devices per module, due to the complicated and costly mechanical
structure imposed by the compression bond system. With solder contacts,
higher integrations are possible; however for chip diameters larger than
15 mm, the solder contact system is prone to power cycling fatigue caused
by excessive plastic strain. A solution to the plastic strain problem in
large-diameter soldered contacts is discussed. A reduction of plastic
strain was achieved by better match of the thermal expansions. Examples of
high-power modules and applications are presented. The integration of five
chips for d.c. currents up to 300 A in one module was successfully

Accession_Number : 1985:2426331 INSPEC

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