J. OEHM, M. GRAEFE, T. KETTNER, K. SCHUMACHER, "Analog CMOS drilling machine controller with programmable characteristic curves generated from fuzzy-rule-sets", ESSCIRC '95.
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Titre : J. OEHM, M. GRAEFE, T. KETTNER, K. SCHUMACHER, Analog CMOS drilling machine controller with programmable characteristic curves generated from fuzzy-rule-sets, ESSCIRC '95.

Cité dans :[TRIAC001] J. OEHM, M. GRAFE, T. KETTNER, K. SCHUMACHER, Universal low cost controller for electric motors with programmable characteristic curves., Proceedings of the 1995 21st European Solid-State Circuits Conference, ESSCIRC.
Auteur : Oehm, J. (Universitaet Dortmund, Dortmund, Ger)
Auteur : Graefe, M.
Auteur : Kettner, T.
Auteur : Schumacher, K.

Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Source : Solid-State Circuits Conference, 1995. ESSCIRC '95. Twenty-first European
Date : 19-21 Sept. 1995
Print_ISBN : 2-86332-180-3

Abstract :
The realization of an analog drilling machine controller in CMOS technology with mask-programmable characteristic curves is presented. With regard to the needed chip area of 2.7 mm2 in a 1.6ý, 40nm technology the main advantage in comparison to microcontroller based solutions are the low factory costs. The analog d.c. power supply is directly generated from the 230 volt a.c. power line. The firing current for the off-chip drilling motor driving triac is controlled by an on-chip functional unit. Features of this functional unit are torque control and switch off, firing and post firing control. Main feature of the controller is a new method to implement programmable multi-dimensional characteristic curves temperature and technology insensitive. In the actual controller version the mask-programmed curve shapes have been generated with the help of fuzzy-algorithms. An impression of the reproducibility of multi-dimensional characteristic curves in manufacturing as well as the accuracy of their precalculation is given by introducing simulated and measured statistics of the actual design.

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