HORIUCHI T., SUGAWARA Y., "Long-term reliability evaluation of power semiconductor devices used in substation rectifiers", ISPSD'98, pp. 195-198, 3-6 June 1998.
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Article : [99ART135]

Titre : HORIUCHI T., SUGAWARA Y., Long-term reliability evaluation of power semiconductor devices used in substation rectifiers, ISPSD'98, pp. 195-198, 3-6 June 1998.

Cité dans : [CONF007] ISPSD, Internationnal Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & Integrated Circuits
Cité dans : [PAP137]  B. K. BOSE, Advances in power electronics - its impact on the environment., proceeding of the IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, Vol 1, pp 28-30, july 1998.
Auteurs : Horiuchi, T.; Sugawara, Y. - Kansai Electr. Power Co. Inc., Hyogo, Japan

Appears : in Power Semiconductor Devices & ICs, 1998. ISPSD 98. Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on
Page : 195 - 198
Date : 3-6 June 1998
ISBN : 0-7803-4752-8, IEEE Catalog Number: 98CH36212, Total Pages: xxiii+513, Accession Number : 6083042
Lien : private/HORIUCHI.pdf - 399 Ko.

Abstract :
To enable evaluation of the long-term reliability of power
semiconductor devices used in commercial substations, this paper
presents the failure rate of such devices in practical use.
Recovery activation energies are also evaluated on the basis of
annealing and bias stress test. Degraded devices are disassembled
and examined. In some of them, melting and defects at the silicon
chip edge caused a large leakage current. It is also found that
the leakage current spectrum is strongly related to breakdown
voltage degradation. A novel monitoring method using the leakage
current spectrum is proposed here for the first time.

Subjet_terms :
rectifier substations; long-term reliability; power semiconductor
devices; substation rectifiers; substations; failure rate;
recovery activation energy; annealing; bias stress test; degraded
devices; degraded device disassembly; silicon chip edge defects;
silicon chip edge melting; leakage current; leakage current
spectrum; breakdown voltage degradation; monitoring method; Si

Reference_cited : 2

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