P. RAULT, "The TRISIL: a new generation of protection components"
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Article : [99ART121]

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Titre : P. RAULT, The TRISIL: a new generation of protection components

Cité dans :[99DIV105] Recherche sur l'auteur Pierre RAULT, septembre 2000.
Cité dans : [DIV066]  Recherche sur le mot clé : TRIAC*
Auteur : Pierre Rault

Source : Toute l'Electronique no.509.
Pages : 52 à 56
Date : Dec. 1985
ISSN : 0040-9855
Document_Type : Journal
Treatment_Code : Application; New Development; Practical; Experimental
Country_of_Publication : France
Language : French

Abstract :
The characteristics, which are similar to those of a triac except
that no external triggering is required, are described with the aid
of graphs. The packaging is compact, for example T0220. In the
quiescent state it passes only a small leakage current; should an
overload occur, causing the voltage across the TRISIL to exceed the
turn-on voltage (VBO), the TRISIL switches rapidly to full
conduction with a small residual potential difference (2 V),
protecting the circuit beyond. On removal of the overload, when the
current falls to the holding value (IH) the TRISIL reverts to the
nonconductive state. Working voltages are 60 to 300 V at present.
The TRISIL can handle peak overload currents of up to 150 A; VBO is
independent of the rate of rise of overload and limiting is
instantaneous. Should the TRISIL fail under overload it becomes a
short-circuit, guaranteeing continued protection. Examples of use
are given, both for the protection of telephone circuits and of
apparatus connected to the mains.

Accession_Number : 1986:2655986
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