S. SINGER, "The application of 'loss-free resistors' in power processing circuits", IEEE PESC, 1989 Record, pp.843-846.
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Article : [99ART083]

Titre : S. SINGER, The application of 'loss-free resistors' in power processing circuits, IEEE PESC, 1989 Record, pp.843-846.

Cité dans :[99DIV045] Recherche sur l'auteur Sigmund SINGER, 20 août 1999.
Auteur : Singer, S. (Univ of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

Meeting : 20th Annual IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference - PESC'89.
Location : Milwaukee, WI, USA
Date : 26 Jun 1989-29 Jun 1989
Info : Organization IEEE, Power Electronics Council, New York, NY, USA - Meeting Number : 12965
Info : Available from IEEE Service Cent (cat n 89CH2721-9), Piscataway, NJ, USA.
Pages : 843 à 846
ISSN : 0275-9306
Info : COMPENDEX Answer Number 25
Lien : private/Singer1.pdf - 235KB.
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU

Abstract :
Applications of loss-free elements with resistive characteristics in
power processing systems are discussed.The synthesis of this kind of
element is based on the control of a two port which has a
transformer or gyrator matrix.Both of the controlled two ports can
be realized by means of switched-mode circuits.The loss-free
resistor can be applied to the stabilization of unstable systems,
for damping oscillatory waveforms, and for balancing of power flow
in AC-DC conversion systems.This kind of element has been applied to
the stabilization of a gas laser system.It replaced a conventional
resistive element which was applied for this purpose.

Subject_Terms :
loss-free resistors; oscillatory system damping; unstable system stabilisation; power flow balancing; gas laser system
stabilisation; power supplies to apparatus; power processing systems; switched-mode circuits; AC-DC conversion systems;
power supplies to apparatus; resistors; stability

Accession_Number : 1990(3):35725
Accession_Number : 3545179

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