R. ERICKSON, M. MADIGAN, S. SINGER, "Design of a simple high-power-factor rectifier based on the flyback converter", IEEE APEC, 1990 Proceeding, pp. 792-801.
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Article : [99ART064]

Titre : R. ERICKSON, M. MADIGAN, S. SINGER, Design of a simple high-power-factor rectifier based on the flyback converter, IEEE APEC, 1990 Proceeding, pp. 792-801.

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Auteur : Erickson Robert (Dept of Electr & Comput Eng, Univ of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA)
Auteur : Madigan Michael
Auteur : Singer Sigmund

Source : Conf Proc IEEE Appl Power Electron Conf Exhibit
Date : APEC 1990
Pages : 792 - 801
Info : COMPENDEX Answer Number 22
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Abstract :
An equivalent circuit model for the discontinuous conduction mode
flyback converter based on the loss-free resistor concept is
presented.This simple model correctly describes the basic power
processing properties of the converter, including input port
resistor emulation, output port power source characteristics, and
control characteristics.Based on this model, steady-state design
equations are described and are used in a design example.Design of
the slow output voltage feedback loop is also considered.A
small-signal AC model is developed for both the resistive load and
the DC-DC converter-voltage regulator load cases.In addition, a
simple first-order approximation for the line current distortion and
phase shift caused by 120-Hz duty cycle variations is derived.

Subject_Terms :
high-power-factor rectifier; flyback converter; equivalent circuit model; loss-free resistor concept; input port resistor
emulation; output port power source characteristics; control characteristics; steady-state design; small-signal AC model;
resistive load; DC-DC converter-voltage regulator load; 120 Hz; equivalent circuits; power convertors; rectifiers

Accession_Number : 1991(1):7018

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