D. MAKSIMOVIC, R. ERICKSON, "Universal-input, high-power-factor, boost doubler rectifiers", APEC'95.
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Article : [99ART057]

Titre : D. MAKSIMOVIC, R. ERICKSON, Universal-input, high-power-factor, boost doubler rectifiers, APEC'95.

Auteurs : Maksimovic, D.; Erickson, R. - Power Electron. Group, Colorado Univ., Boulder, CO, USA

Appears : in Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, 1995. APEC '95. Conference Proceedings 1995., Tenth Annual
Pages : 459 - 465 vol.1
Date : 5-9 March 1995
ISBN : 0-7803-2482-X, IEEE Catalog Number: 95CH35748, Total Pages: 2 vol. (xvii+1012), Accession Number: 5021800

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Abstract :
This paper describes new universal-input high-power-factor boost doubler rectifiers (BDR). The new rectifiers can be configured
for low-line (90-130 V RMS) or high-line (180-260 V RMS) operation such that component stresses and the rectifier
efficiency are approximately the same for both the high-line and the low-line input. As a result, significant efficiency and size
improvements can be obtained compared to the conventional boost rectifier designed for universal-input operation. Results are
experimentally verified on a 220 W prototype.

Subject_Terms :
rectifying circuits; power factor correction; inductors; losses; universal-input; high-power-factor; boost doubler rectifiers;
low-line operation; high-line operation; component stresses; efficiency improvement; losses; inductors; 90 to 130 V; 180 to 260 V; 220 W

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