D. ZHOU, C.B. RAJANATHAN, "Performance prediction of triac-controlled Shaded Pole Induction Motor using finite element method", 1999.
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Article : [TRIAC063]

Info : COMPENDEX Answer Number 1 - 23/02/2000

Titre : D. ZHOU, C.B. RAJANATHAN, Performance prediction of triac-controlled Shaded Pole Induction Motor using finite element method, 1999.

Cité dans : [DIV066]  Recherche sur le mot clé : TRIAC*
Auteur : Zhou, D. (Univ of Abertay Dundee, Scotl)
Auteur : Rajanathan, C.B.

Meeting : Proceedings of the 1999 34th Universities Power Engineering Conference - UPEC '99.
Location : Leicester, UK
Date : 14 Sep 1999-16 Sep 1999
Info : Organization : Airscrew Howden; Feedback Instruments; Elequip Projects; S J Electronics
Location : Leicester, UK
Date : 14 Sep 1999-16 Sep 1999
Pages : 275 - 278
CODEN : 002221
Année : 1999
Meeting_Number : 55988
Document_Type : Journal
Treatment_Code : Theoretical; Experimental
Language : English

Abstract :
Due to the abundant space harmonic in air-gap of a Shaded Pole
Induction Motor (SPIM), its analysis and design is fraught with
difficulties normally not encountered with other types of electric
motors. In particular, when triac control is employed the various
harmonics in the stator winding current render analytical methods
using equivalent circuit models extremely difficult. In this paper,
a more accurate approach using finite element method is
presented.This approach is based on a 2D multi-slice, time-stepping
eddy current model, in which the external circuit equation is
coupled with the field equations.With the proposed model, the skewed
rotor, the saturation and the skin effect can all be included
directly in the system equation. Besides, the non-sinusoidal
variations of the supply voltage, stator current and flux density,
can also be properly represented. Using this model, both transient
and steady state characteristics of a typical SPIM motor have been
studied, and the computation results are compared with experimental
values to confirm the validity of the model proposed.(Author abstract)

References : 8 Refs.

Accession_Number : 2000(11):4409

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