X. VEIL, "Power and triacs", Electronique Industrielle, 1 April 1982, no. 31, pp. 115-120.
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Article : [TRIAC024]

Info : INSPEC Answer Number 33 du 29 septembre 1999

Titre : X. VEIL, Power and triacs, Electronique Industrielle, 1 April 1982, no. 31, pp. 115-120.

Cité dans : [DIV066]  Recherche sur le mot clé : TRIAC*
Auteur : X. Veil

Source : Electronique Industrielle, no. 31.
Date : 1 April 1982
Pages : 115 à 120
ISSN : 0244-903X
Language : French
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU

Abstract :
The technology of 'all-diffused' triac fabrication with several layers of p- and n-doped Si diffused in one operation
is outlined. The problem of the rate of rise of inter-anode voltage during switching of inductive loads such as motors
is highlighted. The alternator, optimised for power applications from 50 to 400 Hz and capable of withstanding 100 to
200 volts per microsecond, is presented as a solution with its control and conduction regions decoupled at the masking
stage. At the other end of the scale, sensitive triacs controlled by gate currents of 3 to 10 mA are suitable for
interfacing of logic cards and power devices. The packaging of triacs is discussed.

Supplementary_Indexing : all-diffused triac fabrication; Si; inductive loads; motors; alternator; sensitive triacs; logic cards; power devices; packaging
Accession_Number : 1982:1914224
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