ROBB S.P., SUTOR J.L., "Comparing power ICs", Machine Design, 21 February 1985, vol. 57, no. 4, p.119-122.
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Titre : ROBB S.P., SUTOR J.L., Comparing power ICs, Machine Design, 21 February 1985, vol. 57, no. 4, p.119-122.

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Cité dans : [PAP005]  P. ALOISI, Z. JOHN SHHEN, S.P. ROBB, A new IGBT with a monolithic self protection circuits
Auteur : S.P. Robb
Auteur : J.L. Sutor

Source : Machine Design vol.57, no.4.
Pages : 119 à 122
Date : 21 Feb. 1985
ISSN : 0024-9114
Document_Type : Journal, Treatment Code : General Review, Country of Publication : United States
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU

Abstract :
Indications are that the discrete solid-state switch may be supplanted by a new breed of power integrated circuit (PIC) in many applications. A wide variety of techniques are
becoming available for fabricating PICs. Some are based on bipolar processes, others on MOS. But the most recently built chips combine these and other techniques. A single PIC
now can contain small-signal and power bipolars, DMOS, CMOS, and high-voltage CMOS components, power MOSFETs, SCRs, and triacs. Both vertical and lateral power
structures can be used. Components in some cases are self isolated, junction or oxide isolated in others. Ratings up to 20 A at over 400 V are feasible. The choice of components,
structures, and isolation depends on application requirements.


Supplementary_Indexing : monolithic IC; power ICs; power integrated circuit; bipolar processes; high-voltage CMOS; power MOSFETs

Accession_Number : 1985:2479344
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Lien : ISPSD/2000/committe.htm - Committe of the ISPSD'2000.
Lien : EPE/EPE95_ct.txt - "Current sensing characteristics of IGBTs under short circuit conditions", pp. 2.202, Z. J. Shen, S. P. Robb, A. Taomoto, Motorola Inc. (USA)

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