S. DATTA, "Power pollution caused by lighting control systems", Conference Record of the 1991 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, vol. 2, pp. 1842-1852, 28 Sept.-4 Oct. 1991.
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Titre : S. DATTA, Power pollution caused by lighting control systems, Conference Record of the 1991 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, vol. 2, pp. 1842-1852, 28 Sept.-4 Oct. 1991.

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Auteur : Samir Datta, (California Polytech State Univ, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA)

Meeting : 1991 IEEE Industry Application Society Annual Meeting. Organization : IEEE Industry Application Soc
Location : Dearborn, MI, USA
Date : 28 Sep-04 Oct 1991
Source : 1991 IEEE Industry Application Society Annual Meeting 91 IEEE Ind Appl Soc Annu Meet.Publ by IEEE, IEEE Service Center, Piscataway, NJ, USA (IEEE cat n 91CH3077-5).
Pages : 1842 à 1852
ISBN : 0-7803-0453-5
Language : English
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Abstract :
The ballasts that control the operation of fluorescent lamps are known to generate peak currents and introduce harmonic currents into the distribution system.Magnetic or
electronic ballasts are used with fluorescent lamps.A comparison was made concerning the extent of power pollution caused by these two technologies to the distribution
system.Magnetic ballast and electronic ballast with dimmer were also compared for power pollution.Input power factor in each case was measured.Incandescent lamps with dimmers
are also widely used for lighting control.Present day dimmers utilize a phase-control circuit with triac to vary the conducting period of each half cycle of lamp currents, thus
reducing the light output. Input power factor, harmonics injected into the distribution system, and the efficiency of the dimmer were experimentally evaluated.The third harmonic
current flowing in the neutral of the three-phase system was also measured.



Accession_Number : 1992(10):135193

Subject_Terms :
input power factor; magnetic ballast; lighting control systems; fluorescent lamps; peak currents; harmonic currents;
power pollution; electronic ballast; phase-control circuit; dimmer; fluorescent lamps; lamp accessories

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