I. HOOPER, "Development of in-wheel motor systems for formula sae electric vehicles", School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Master of Engineering Science of The University of Western Australia, 4th November 2011.
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Titre : I. HOOPER, Development of in-wheel motor systems for formula sae electric vehicles, School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Master of Engineering Science of The University of Western Australia, 4th November 2011.

Cité dans : [DATA426] T. LEQUEU, Des véhicules électriques, décembre 2012.
Auteur : Ian Hooper

Info : This thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Engineering Science of The University of Western Australia
Date : 4th November 2011
Pages : 1 - 167
Lien : http://robotics.ee.uwa.edu.au/theses/2012-REV-InWheelMotor-Hooper-ME.pdf
Lien : private/HOOPER-01.pdf - 15 201 Ko, 167 pages.
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Objectifs :



With the threat of anthropogenic climate change and humanity’s dependence on non-renewable
petroleum, the need for a transition to zero-emission transport is widely acknowledged. Battery
electric vehicles represent the most promising solution for urban transport, being the most
efficient technology which can be powered from renewable energy sources.

As of 2011, most major automobile manufacturers have either released or announced development of
electric vehicles, and it is clear that they are going to play a big role in our future transport
needs. To date, all such vehicles employ a conventional drivetrain with a single motor, driving the
wheels through a transmission and differential.

In contrast, many small electric vehicles such as bicycles and scooters have employed in-wheel
motor systems (also known as hub motors) – where the electric motor is contained within the wheel
hub itself. In-wheel motor systems offer many advantages over conventional drivetrains including
fewer moving parts, lower transmission losses, and space savings. However the performance
requirements of road-going automobiles has so far precluded the use of in-wheel motor systems.

This thesis reviews electric motor technology and recent academic research on in-wheel motor
systems to determine the most promising candidates. A design for a direct-drive wheel motor is
proposed and optimised through magnetostatic Finite Element Analysis (FEA) experiments. Finally the
development of an in-wheel motor system for a Formula SAE Electric vehicle is presented, based on a
high-speed motor with reduction drive, and its performance is compared with the direct-drive

Formula SAE is an international competition which challenges university students to construct and
race Formula-style vehicles. The competition was started in 1978 for petroleum-powered vehicles. In
response to growing interest in sustainable transport and electric vehicles, in 2007 many
universities began developing electric FSAE vehicles. The competition represents a valuable arena
for electric vehicle research and evaluation.



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