X. ZHU, D. XU, P. WU, G. SHEN, P. CHEN, "Energy Management Design for a 5kW Fuel Cell Distributed Power System", 2008, pp. 291-297.
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Titre : X. ZHU, D. XU, P. WU, G. SHEN, P. CHEN, Energy Management Design for a 5kW Fuel Cell Distributed Power System, 2008, pp. 291-297.

Cité dans :[THESE133] B. BIDOGGIA, Etude et réalisation de nouveaux convertisseurs connectant plusieurs sources d'énergies renouvelables au réseau, These de doctorat, septembre 2005 - aout 2008.
Auteur : Xuancai Zhu
Auteur : Dehong Xu
Auteur : Ping Wu
Auteur : Guoqiao Shen
Auteur : Pingping Chen

Adresse : The Institute of Power Electronics, Zhejiang University - Hangzhou P.R. China 310027
Lien : mailto:zxc@zju.edu.cn
Lien : mailto:xdh@cee.zju.edu.cn
Info : 978-1-4244-1874-9/08/$25.00
Pages : 291 - 297
Date : 2008
Lien : private/ZHU-01.pdf - 1431 Ko, 7 pages.

The proton exchange membranes fuel cell is known
as a slow dynamic response application because of the existing of
mechanical device such as air pressure, temperature and the
humidity controllers. The transit load current may shorten the
operation life of the fuel cell. In this paper, an energy
management module with super capacitor as the auxiliary energy
storage device is introduced to create a safe operation condition
for the fuel cell during load transition. The energy management
module design is base on the experiment results of the dynamic
response of the fuel cell alone. The system structure and the
model of the energy management are introduced. The controller
design based on this model is given. The design of the Bi-DC/DC
converter and the energy management arithmetic are introduced
for the practical realization. Finally, the experiment results upon
a 5 kW fuel cell distributed power system with energy
management module are given to verify the theoretical analysis.

KEY-WORDS : Fuel Cell, Energy Management, Bi-DC/DC Converter



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