"SIMEDUC: an educational simulation tool for power semiconductor devices.
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Article : [SHEET377]

Info : INSPEC Answer Number 1, le 19/06/2000.

Titre : SIMEDUC: an educational simulation tool for power semiconductor devices.

Cité dans : [DATA146] LTN, Laboratoire des Technologies Nouvelles, INRETS, Arcueil, France.
Auteur : Khatir, Z. (INRETS, Arcueil, France)
Auteur : Lefebvre, S

Source : 4th International Seminar on Power Semiconductors. ISPS'98. Proceedings
Editors : Benda, V. Prague, Czech Republic: Czech Tech. Univ. Prague, 1998. p.137-42 of 245 pp. 14 refs.
Conference : Prague, Czech Republic, 2-4 Sept 1998
Sponsor : IEE
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Theoretical
Info : Country of Publication : Czech Republic
Language : English
Stockage :

Abstract :
In this paper, we will present an educational simulation tool for
the understanding of the static and transient physics of operation
in real electrical conditions for diodes, BJTs and GTOs. We will
show the agreements between simulation and experimental waveforms.
The program has already been introduced at ENSEA (electrical and
electronic engineering high school) to study the behaviour of high
voltage GTO's and PIN diodes. Especially, the influence of the
associated snubber and clamp circuits on the turn-off waveforms and
performances are analysed as well as some device parameters such as
carrier lifetimes.

Accession_Number : 1998:6083720

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