"Influence of the impedance of the gate trigger on the maximum current turn-off capability of a GTO.
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Info : INSPEC Answer Number 11, le 19/06/2000.

Titre : Influence of the impedance of the gate trigger on the maximum current turn-off capability of a GTO.

Cité dans : [DATA146] LTN, Laboratoire des Technologies Nouvelles, INRETS, Arcueil, France.
Auteur : Pascal, J.-P.
Auteur : Coquery, G.
Auteur : Caroff, P.
Auteur : Lallemand, R

Source : Electronique de Puissance (Oct. 1986) no.17, p.53-60. 3 refs.
ISSN : 0760-0259
Document_Type : Journal
Treatment_Code : Theoretical; Experimental
Info : Country of Publication : France
Language : French
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Abstract :
After a recapitulation of the action of the GTO and of its
associated gate turn-off circuit the possibility is examined of the
GTO refiring spontaneously on the termination of the quenching
current pulse at the gate. The behaviour on turn-off is analysed and
it is shown that the dV/dt at the anode may create sufficient 'tail'
anode current for refiring to be possible. An expression is then
derived for a minimum value of inductance, LG, in the gate control
circuit to maintain the quenching until the risk of refiring is
past. A numerical value for limiting LG is calculated for a circuit
with a Mitsubishi GTO type FG1000AH (1000 A, 2500 V) and an account
is given of experiments to verify these conclusions. The experiments
showed that for LG 2 or 3 times greater than the limit, the GTO
handled 1000 A safely at a junction temperature of 125 C, however
for LG less than the limit, and at the same temperature, the same
GTO showed signs of distress, as revealed by oscillograms, at 800 A
and 900 A and was destroyed at 1000 A.

Accession_Number : 1987:2836179

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