"An accurate one-dimensional model for the analysis of the turn-off performance of anode shorted GTO thyristors.
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Article : [SHEET366]

Info : INSPEC Answer Number 7, le 19/06/2000.

Titre : An accurate one-dimensional model for the analysis of the turn-off performance of anode shorted GTO thyristors.

Cité dans : [DATA146] LTN, Laboratoire des Technologies Nouvelles, INRETS, Arcueil, France.
Auteur : Khatir, Z.
Auteur : Lallemand, R. (Lab. des Technol., Nouvelles de l'INRETS Arcueil, France)

Source : EPE '91. 4th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications
Editors : Ferraris, P. Torino, Italy: Litografia GEDA, 1991. p.442-7 vol.2 of 4 vol. (657+665+725+737) pp. 8 refs.
Conference : Firenze, Italy, 3-6 Sept 1991
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Theoretical
Info : Country of Publication : Italy
Language : English
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Abstract :
The switching behavior of a gate turn off thyristor with a shorted
anode emitter has been calculated numerically by solving the
semiconductor basic equations in an 'equivalent' one-dimensional
model device. Taken into account are all significant physical
semiconductor mechanisms and the interaction with a nonideal
external circuit is considered. Computations, using this model, are
made on microcomputers and successfully compared with the results of
measurements conducted at the INRETS's LTN-laboratory on a number of
anode shorted GTO's of different origins. Short circuits between
anode emitter and N-base are taken into account by an additional
term in the electron recombination rate. It is shown that the
calculated switching behavior for a given device remains accurate
when the external circuit is changed. The computational time of a
turn-off simulation is approximately 40 minutes with a personal
computer such as IBM-PC's or Macintosh II's. Owing to the results
obtained and the accurate description of the tailing current
waveforms on a number of GTO's with different circuits of operation,
such a simulation model is found to be a valuable tool for circuit
design and device selection.

Accession_Number : 1992:4209224

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