H.D. SOLOMON, "Low cycle fatigue of surface mounted chip carrier/printed wiring board joints", 1989.
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Titre : H.D. SOLOMON, Low cycle fatigue of surface mounted chip carrier/printed wiring board joints, 1989.

Cité dans : [DATA063] Recherche sur l'auteur H.D. SOLOMON.
Auteur : Solomon, H.D - General Electric Co., Schenectady, NY, USA

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Lien : private/Solomon2.pdf - 16 pages, 1434 Ko.
Source : Electronic Components Conference, 1989. Proceedings., 39th
Pages : 277 - 292
Date : 22-24 May 1989
Info : Total Pages : xii+929

Abstract :
Chip-barrier/printed-wiring-board joints have been tested
isothermally, at 35 degrees C, in shear. The joints were
subjected to fully reversed cycling with fixed plastic
displacement limit. The fatigue life was correlated with this
displacement by a pseudo Coffin-Manson law. The fatigue life was
defined in terms of 25%, 50%, 90%, and 100% drop in the load
required to produce a given displacement. The resistance of each
of 22 joints was also measured and the fatigue life, N/sub f/,
defined in terms of the first joint to increase by 0.02%, 0.05%,
0.1%, 1%, 10%, 100%, and 10*. The results were found to be in
general agreement with those obtained previously on single,
larger, solder joints. Some variations were noted in the
Coffin-Manson exponent, depending on how the displacement and
fatigue lives were defined. This is discussed along with a model
describing the process of joint failure. A set of displacement
versus fatigue life curves which can be used to estimate the
joint life on the basis of a variety of criteria is provided.<>

Subject_terms :
isothermal test; low cycle fatigue; load drop; solder joints;
joint cracking; surface mounted chip carrier/printed wiring board
joints; reversed cycling; fixed plastic displacement limit;
fatigue life; pseudo Coffin-Manson law; resistance; Coffin-Manson
exponent; fatigue lives; joint failure; displacement versus
fatigue life curves; joint life; 35 degC; failure analysis;
fatigue cracks; fatigue testing; printed circuit testing;
soldering; surface mount technology

References : 18

Accession_Number : 3613143

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