H.D. SOLOMON, "The influence of hold time and fatigue cycle wave shape on the-low cycle fatigue of 60/40 solder", 1988.
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Titre : H.D. SOLOMON, The influence of hold time and fatigue cycle wave shape on the-low cycle fatigue of 60/40 solder, 1988.

Cité dans : [DATA063] Recherche sur l'auteur H.D. SOLOMON.
Auteur : Solomon, H.D - General Electric Corp. Res. & Dev. Center, Schenectady, NY, USA

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Lien : private/Solomon3.pdf - 6 pages, 379 Ko.
Source : Electronics Components Conference, 1988., Proceedings of the 38th
Pages : 7 - 12
Date : 9-11 May 1988
Info : Total Pages : x+664

Abstract :
Previous experiments have shown that fatigue life is reduced when
the cycling frequency is reduced. These tests utilized symmetric
ramp loading with equal loading and unloading rates. While this
sort of cycling is useful in identifying the influence of cycling
frequency, it does not reproduce the type of loading actual
solder joints experience. Duty cycles generally consist of a
relatively rapid change in temperature, then a relatively long
hold at a more or less constant temperature, followed by a
relatively rapid temperature change back to the starting point
and another hold time. To investigate this sort of cycling,
isothermal experiments were performed with varying hold times,
and failure was induced by the application of mechanical strains,
at a constant temperature, rather than thermal strains. It was
found that the frequency dependence of the fatigue life, induced
by varying the hold time, was similar to that observed when the
frequency was varied by changing the ramp loading and unloading
rates. The frequency effect is actually somewhat less for the
hold time tests than for the ramp loading tests. This difference
is due to the load relaxation which takes place during the hold
times. This relaxation is described and relaxation rate curves
are provided.

Subject_terms :
low cycle fatigue; reliability; fatigue cycle wave shape; fatigue
life; cycling frequency; symmetric ramp loading; solder joints;
rapid change in temperature; isothermal experiments; hold times;
mechanical strains; frequency dependence; ramp loading tests;
load relaxation; relaxation rate curves; Sn-Pb solder; fatigue
testing; printed circuits; reliability; soldering

References : 8

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