S. JANUSZEWSKI, M. KOCISZEWSKA-SZCZERBIK, H. SWIATEK, K. ZYMMER, "IGBT transistor failures in high power converters", ISPS '96 Proceedings, 11-13 Sept 1996, pp. 177-184.
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Info : INSPEC Answer Number 6, le 16/03/2000.

Titre : S. JANUSZEWSKI, M. KOCISZEWSKA-SZCZERBIK, H. SWIATEK, K. ZYMMER, IGBT transistor failures in high power converters, ISPS '96 Proceedings, 11-13 Sept 1996, pp. 177-184.

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Auteur : Januszewski, S.
Auteur : Kociszewska-Szczerbik, M.
Auteur : Swiatek, H.
Auteur : Zymmer, K. (Electrotech. Inst., Warsaw, Poland)

Lien : SHEET245.HTM - référence [5]
Source : 3rd International Seminar on Power Semiconductor, ISPS '96 Proceedings
Editors : Benda, V. Prague, Czech Republic: Czech Tech. Univ. Prague, 1996.
Pages : 177 - 184 of 223pp.
Conference : Prague, Czech Republic.
Date : 11-13 Sept 1996
Sponsor(s) : IEE
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Experimental
Info : Country of Publication : Czech Republic
Language : English
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Abstract :
Modern IGBT modules have multichip structures with internal aluminium
bondwires. Mechanical stresses in these devices are observed because IGBT
modules must be firmly connected to an external heat sink. A
thermomechanical failure mechanism is discussed. Furthermore the materials
of the IGBT internal parts have different thermal expansion coefficients.
The successive lift-off of the aluminium wires turns in a current crowding
through few IGBT segments with consequent triggering of internal parasitic
thyristor structure. In industrial application the lifting of the emitter
aluminium bonding wires have been often observed. The next problem is
strongly connected with a high fault current that flows by destroyed IGBT.
This current will cause the explosion of an IGBT because of the energy
built up inside the component. The short circuit peak current value can
reach tens of kiloamperes and the explosion of the IGBT case occurs very
quickly if there is no current limiting fuse in the circuit. The paper
will be concerned of above mentioned problems with taking into account
authors experiences in this field. Some examples of destroyed IGBT's with
comments are given.

Accession_Number : 1997:5614490

References : 11 refs.

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