"Calculation of snubber circuits for two series-connected thyristors of unequal ecovery current", 1976.
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Titre : Calculation of snubber circuits for two series-connected thyristors of unequal ecovery current, 1976.

Cité dans : [DATA042] Recherche sur l'auteur Istvan SOMOS, mars 2000.
Cité dans : [DATA049] Recherche sur l'auteur Dante E. PICCONE, mars 2000.
Auteur : Tobin, W.H.
Auteur : Somos, I.L.
Auteur : Piccone, D.E. (Static Power Componen Operation, General Electric Co., Collingdale, PA, USA

Source : 26th Electronic Components Conference New York, NY, USA: IEEE 1976.
Pages : 109 - 124 of ix+420 pp.
References : 0 refs.
Conference : San Francisco, CA, USA,
Date : 26-28 April 1976
Sponsor(s) : IEEE; Electronic Industries Assoc
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Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Application
Info : Country of Publication : United States
Language : English
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Abstract :
Snubber circuits, functioning to limit the commutation voltage spike,
for two series-connected diodes or thyristors can be calculated by
conventional methods when the assumption is made that they have identical
recovery characteristics. In most cases however they don't, and one device
and its snubber circuit assumes the total voltage initially until the
second recovers. This paper shows a computer method for calculating the
reverse voltage versus time profile for the recovery phase across each
device. The usual practice of calculating reverse voltage leads to
inaccuracies because the recovery current of the slower device is a curved
line rather than the conventionally assumed straight line. In this
program, the curved waveform of the recovery current of the slower
device-and the recovered charge, associated with this waveform-is
calculated. A transformer secondary filter is generally applied to
suppress switching transients. This can be considered as an additional
snubber circuit. The method disclosed in this paper incorporates the
benefit of the filter and calculates the combined effect of the snubber
circuit and filter. The snubber circuit can be minimized by this combined

Accession_Number : 1976:961075

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