"Demonstration of a 700 volt asymmetrical, 4H-SiC gate-turn-off thyristor (GTO)", 1997.
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Titre : Demonstration of a 700 volt asymmetrical, 4H-SiC gate-turn-off thyristor (GTO), 1997.

Cité dans : [DATA049] Recherche sur l'auteur Dante E. PICCONE, mars 2000.
Auteur : Seshadri, S.
Auteur : Agarwal, A.K.
Auteur : Rowland, L.B.
Auteur : Casady, J.B.
Auteur : Brandt, C.D.
Auteur : Barrows, J.
Auteur : Piccone, D. - Sci. & Technol. Center, Northrop Grumman Corp., Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Source : Device Research Conference Digest, 1997. 5th
Pages : 36 - 37
Date : 23-25 June 1997
ISBN : 0-7803-3911-8
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 97TH8279 - Total Pages: 175
References : 3
Accession_Number : 5738810
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Abstract :
The potential of SiC-based power switching devices has been well
recognized due to its superior materials properties relative to
silicon. These properties (which include approximately 10/spl
times/ higher breakdown voltage, 3/spl times/ higher band gap,
3/spl times/ higher thermal conductivity and 2/spl times/ higher
electron saturated velocity) have the potential to yield
significant size, weight and cost reductions as well as
efficiency improvements at the systems level for
commercial/military power utility and motor control applications.
We report here progress on asymmetrical GTOs fabricated in
4H-SiC. The asymmetrical structure is easier to turn-off and has
improved breakdown voltage capability compared to the symmetrical
structure. The devices fabricated in this study have forward
blocking voltage of 700 V in air even though the structures did
not have any advanced edge termination. A forward voltage drop of
4.8 V was measured at 350/spl deg/C for a current density of 500
A/cm/sup 2/. Four GTO cells were combined to switch 1.4 amps.
Storage times at turn-off were measured to be <100 ns at a
current density of 500 A/cm/sup 2/, corresponding to a turn-off
current gain of 1. In addition, 8 devices were combined in a
package yielding 5 amps, indicating that current hogging is not a
problem in these devices.

Subjet_terms :
silicon compounds; asymmetrical GTO; 4H-SiC; gate-turn-off
thyristor; SiC-based power switching devices; breakdown voltage
capability; forward blocking voltage; current density; 700 V; 4.8
V; 350 C; 1.4 A; SiC

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