"Design and testing of high power, repetitively pulsed, solid-state closing switches
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Titre : Design and testing of high power, repetitively pulsed, solid-state closing switches

Auteur : Boenig, H.J.
Auteur : Schwartzenberg, J.W.
Auteur : Willinger, L.J.
Auteur : Piccone, D.E.
Auteur : Lopez, D.A.
Auteur : Smolleck, H.A. - Los Alamos Nat. Lab., NM, USA

Source : Industry Applications Conference, 1997. Thirty-Second IAS Annual Meeting, IAS '97., Conference Record of the 1997 IEEE
Pages : 1022 - 1028 vol.2
Date : 5-9 Oct. 1997
ISBN : 0-7803-4067-1
IEEE Catalog Number: 97CH36096
Total Pages: 3 vol. xxxiv+2394
References : 13
Accession_Number : 5761155
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
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Abstract :
Pulsed power physics experiments often require high-power,
repetitively pulsed closing switches. Traditionally, ignitrons
have been used in these applications when medium high voltage,
high current switches are required. The availability of high
power thyristors now provides the designer with the tool to
install a switch based on solid-state technology. The solid-state
switches show promise for low frequency, repetitively pulsed
closing switches in medium voltage systems to a voltage rating of
a few tens of kV and for currents to a few hundred kA. This paper
presents a procedure for designing repetitively pulsed closing
switches. Starting with the expected lifetime of the switch and
taking the cyclic stress loading into account, all other critical
design parameters are evaluated when designing a solid-state
device to its full capability without overstressing the device.
Based on the procedure, the preliminary design of a 12.5 kV, 80
kA, 3 ms, 2 Hz switch is presented. Experimental results for a 73
kA, 7 ms, 11 kV, air-cooled switch are given. The paper concludes
with comments about the pulsed power capability of 125 mm
thyristors. Test results of a 180 kA/800 /spl mu/s current pulse
with a di/dt value of 1200 A//spl mu/s are included.

Subjet_terms :
pulsed power switches; high power switches; repetitively pulsed
switches; solid-state closing switches; pulsed power physics
experiments; medium high voltage; high current switches; high
power thyristors; low frequency; expected switch lifetime; cyclic
stress loading; air-cooled switch; pulsed power capability; 12.5
kV; 80 kA; 3 ms; 2 Hz; 73 kA; 7 ms; 11 kV; 125 mm; 180 kA; 800

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