A.L. JULIAN, R.S. WALLACE, P.K. SOOD, "Multi-speed control of single-phase induction motors for blower applications", IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, pp. 72-77, Jan. 1995, Vol. 10, no. 1
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Titre : A.L. JULIAN, R.S. WALLACE, P.K. SOOD, Multi-speed control of single-phase induction motors for blower applications, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, pp. 72-77, Jan. 1995, Vol. 10, no. 1

Auteur : Alexander L. Julian
Auteur : Richard S. Wallace
Auteur : Pradeep K. Sood, P.K. - Wisconsin Electr. Mach. and Power Electro. Consortium, Wisconsin Univ., Madison, WI, USA

Source : Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
Pages : 72 - 77
Date : Jan. 1995
Volume : 10, Issue: 1
ISSN : 0885-8993
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
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Abstract :
A simple electronic scheme is studied for multi-speed operation
of a permanent split capacitor single phase induction motor used
to run fractional horsepower blowers and pumps. Computer
simulations predict efficiency, harmonic distortion, and
pulsating torque when the motor is fed at 60 Hz, 40 Hz or 30 and
by means of a four-triac bridge circuit. Results of simulations
and laboratory tests are compared, showing close agreement. This
scheme may be a cost effective alternative to tapped-winding or
pole-changing motors.

Subjet_terms :
variable speed gear; induction motors; capacitor motors; power
system harmonics; power convertors; machine control; velocity
control; thyristor convertors; pumps; fractional-horsepower
motors; electric machine analysis computing; control system
analysis computing; digital simulation; bridge circuits; machine
testing; machine windings; single-phase induction motors; blower
applications; multi-speed operation; permanent split capacitor
motor; tapped-winding motors; pole-changing motors; fractional
horsepower; pumps; computer simulation; efficiency; harmonic
distortion; pulsating torque; four-triac bridge power convertor;
laboratory tests; cost effective; 60 Hz; 40 Hz; 30 Hz

Accession_Number : 4861783

References : 6

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