I.L. SOMOS, D.E. PICCONE, L.J. WILLINGER, W.H. TOBIN, "Power Semiconductors-A New Method For Predicting The On-State Characteristic and Temperature Rise During Multi Cycle Fault Currents", conf.Rec.IEEE.IAS'93, vol. 2, pp.1242-1247.
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Titre : I.L. SOMOS, D.E. PICCONE, L.J. WILLINGER, W.H. TOBIN, Power Semiconductors-A New Method For Predicting The On-State Characteristic and Temperature Rise During Multi Cycle Fault Currents, conf.Rec.IEEE.IAS'93, vol. 2, pp.1242-1247.

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Auteur : Istwan L. Somos, Fellow IEEE, Somos Electra, Lansdowne, PA 19050, USA
Auteur : Dante E. Piccone
Auteur : Lawrence J. Willinger
Auteur : William H. Tobin, General Electric CO., Static Power Component Operation, Malvern, PA 19355.

Source : Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 1993., Conference Record of the 1993 IEEE
Pages : 1242 - 1247
Volume : 2
Date : 2-8 Oct. 1993
ISBN : 0-7803-1462-X
Info : Total Pages: 3 vol. xxxi+2489
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Abstract :
A concept, test procedure, and evaluation method are described
for determining the on-state voltage of thyristors (or diodes)
over a very wide temperature range to the limit of normal
behavior. The difficulty that the temperature dependence is not
constant has been overcome, and a mathematical relationship
representative of this dependence as a continuously changing
variable, a function of both current and temperature, is derived
from the analysis of data. Measurement involves a series of
single-cycle test shots at the fault current level or I/sub TSM/
with varying starting temperatures ranging from 25 degrees to 150
degrees C. Combining mathematical representations of the recorded
voltage and current traces with a preestablished thermal model,
the junction temperature profile or excursion which occurs
simultaneously is calculated. The proposed approach is applied to
a 5000 V class 100 mm thyristor.<>

Subjet_terms :
power semiconductors; on-state characteristic; temperature rise;
multi-cycle fault currents; test procedure; evaluation method;
on-state voltage; thyristors; diodes; single-cycle test shots;
fault current level; 25 to 150 degC; 5000 V; 100 mm; fault
currents; semiconductor diodes; thermal analysis; thyristors

Accession_Number : 4720722

References : 9

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