K.G. RISCHMULLER, "Smartpower-from the state-of-the-art to future trends", 1998.
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Article : [SHEET073]

Info : INSPEC Answer Number 1 - 13/01/2000

Titre : K.G. RISCHMULLER, Smartpower-from the state-of-the-art to future trends, 1998.

Cité dans :[99DIV126] Recherche sur l'auteur Klaus G. RISCHMULLER, janvier 2000.
Auteur : Rischmuller, K.G.

Source : Official Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh International PCIM '98 Power Electronics Conference.
Info : Presented at Powersystems World '98 Conference and Exhibit Ventura, CA, USA: Intertec Int, 1998.
Pages : 110 - 114 of viii+454 pp.
Info : Conference : Santa Clara, CA, USA.
Date : 7-13 Nov 1998
ISBN : 0-931033-71-3
Info : Country of Publication : United States
Language : English
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU

Abstract :
This paper recalls the state of the art of Smartpower devices, and
discusses the major trends. The constraints for the monolithic
integration of power electronic sub-systems or systems by means of
Smartpower technology, are discussed. Major limitations, obstacles
and challenges and required changes in the design methodology

Accession_Number : 1999:6371073

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