J.-M. PETER, "How to optimise a Darlington", Electronique Industrielle (15 Nov. 1981) no.24, p.47-52.
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Titre : J.-M. PETER, How to optimise a Darlington, Electronique Industrielle (15 Nov. 1981) no.24, p.47-52.

Cité dans : [DATA004] Recherche sur l'auteur Jean Marie PETER, janvier 2000.
Auteur : Peter, J.-M.

Source : Electronique Industrielle (15 Nov. 1981) no.24, p.47-52. 3 refs.
Info : Country of Publication : France
Language : French

Abstract :
It is desirable to operate the two transistors of a Darlington most
efficiently. When switching appreciable powers. Essentially the
choice is between operating or a high gain level and low current, or
with a high collector current. The decision is ultimately made by
the load which is applied, but the method described allows selection
of the more appropriate of the two modes. The discussion considers
the component transistors to be of the same polarity; analogous
methods can be used for complementary components. The arguments
given can be used for discrete or integrated Darlingtons. The design
uses the basic equations of the device, and necessarily, saturated
current characteristics as devised by Thomson-CSF for each of the
two component devices. The advantages and disadvantages of the two
modes are looked at and compared. Discrete and monolithic
Darlingtons are also considered, and the pros and cons in various
applications are covered. Much useful information is given in the
form of graphs and tables.

Accession_Number : 1982:1848109

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