J.-M. PETER, "Needs evolve; the transistor diversifies", Electronique de Puissance (Sept. 1985) no.11, p.34-40.
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Info : INSPEC Answer Number 29 - 13/01/2000

Titre : J.-M. PETER, Needs evolve; the transistor diversifies, Electronique de Puissance (Sept. 1985) no.11, p.34-40.

Cité dans : [DATA004] Recherche sur l'auteur Jean Marie PETER, janvier 2000.
Auteur : Peter, J.M.

Source : Electronique de Puissance (Sept. 1985) no.11, p.34-40. 0 refs.
CODEN : ELPUEO ISSN: 0760-0259
Info : Country of Publication : France
Language : French

Abstract :
A comprehensive review of the characteristics and applications of
power control bipolar transistors. The relationships between voltage
limits on the one hand and slice thickness, current density, speed
of operation and margin of safety on the other are discussed.
Circumstances in which switching assistance is desirable are
examined. The Darlington configuration is compared with the use of a
single transistor; packaging is discussed and the limits set by
stray inductance and thermal effects are examined. Finally, a brief
comparison with MOS and GTO devices is given, together with a
forecast of the prospects of using integrated circuit technology.

Accession_Number : 1986:2590548

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