Magazine "Bodo's Power Systems", N° 05-10, May 2010.
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Titre : Magazine Bodo's Power Systems, N° 05-10, May 2010.

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Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Date : May 2010
Numéro : 05-10
ISSN : 1863-5598
Site :
Lien : private/bp_2010_05.pdf - 79 pages, 6324 Ko.

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26-28: Easy Parallel Connection of IGBT Modules at the Next SCALE Level

30-31: New Generation of GaN Based Power Stage Products

32-35: Enhancing an IGBT Module for High Temperature & High Current Operations

36-38: How to avoid errors when applying thermal paste

40-44: A New Class of Rogowski Coil Split-Core Current Transducers

46-47: IPS Drivers Combine Highest Performance and Design Flexibility

46-47: IPS Drivers Combine Highest Performance and Design Flexibility

48-50: The Fundamentals of Flyback Power Supply Design
Infos : The development of small, light, low cost, and highly efficient switching power supplies is one of the major contributors to the reduction in power consumed by modern electronic products and has enabled the introduction of ever tighter industry standards for efficiency and standby power consumption.
By : Sameer Kelkar, Staff Applications Engineer, Power Integrations, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
Lien : bp_2010_05-p53.pdf - 3 pages, 186 Ko.

52-54: High Efficiency, Low-Profile AC-DC Power Supply Design

56-57: High-Efficiency Converters with PFC for LED Street Lighting at 48 V

58-59: Ultra Low Latency HIL Simulator for Power Electronics Applications

60-61: Cold Plates for Water Cooling Electronic Components

62-64: Direct Liquid Cooling IGBT Module for Wind Power Applications

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