IEEE Transactions on "Power Electronics", Volume 19, Issue 5, September 2004.
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Titre : IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 19, Issue 5, September 2004.

Cité dans : [DIV367]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, août 2013.

Volume : 19
Issue : 5
Date : Sept. 2004

Table of contents
Pages : c1- c4
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IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics publication information
Pages : c2- c2
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Editorial Special Issue on Distributed Power Generation
Peng, F.Z.
Pages : 1157- 1158
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (60 KB)]

IEEE 1547 Series of Standards: Interconnection Issues
Basso, T.S.; DeBlasio, R.
Pages : 1159- 1162
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (488 KB)]

Development of a Robust Anti-Islanding Algorithm for Utility Interconnection of Distributed Fuel Cell Powered Generation
Jeraputra, C.; Enjeti, P.N.
Pages : 1163- 1170
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (464 KB)]

Evaluation of Anti-Islanding Schemes Based on Nondetection Zone Concept
Ye, Z.; Kolwalkar, A.; Zhang, Y.; Du, P.; Walling, R.
Pages : 1171- 1176
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (456 KB)]

Investigation of Anti-Islanding Protection of Power Converter Based Distributed Generators Using Frequency Domain Analysis
John, V.; Ye, Z.; Kolwalkar, A.
Pages : 1177- 1183
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (424 KB)]

Power Electronics as Efficient Interface in Dispersed Power Generation Systems
Blaabjerg, F.; Chen, Z.; Kjaer, S.B.
Pages : 1184- 1194
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (608 KB)]

Design, Analysis, and Real-Time Testing of a Controller for Multibus Microgrid System
Li, Y.; Vilathgamuwa, D.M.; Loh, P.C.
Pages : 1195- 1204
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (504 KB)]

A Wireless Controller to Enhance Dynamic Performance of Parallel Inverters in Distributed Generation Systems
Guerrero, J.M.; GarciadeVicuna, L.; Matas, J.; Castilla, M.; Miret, J.
Pages : 1205- 1213
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (528 KB)]

Experimental Development and Evaluations of VF-Input High-Frequency AC–AC Converter Supporting Distributed Power Generation
Chang, J.J.; Wang, A.
Pages : 1214- 1225
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (984 KB)]

A Novel Three-Phase Single-Stage Distributed Power Inverter
Cecati, C.; Dell'Aquila, A.; Liserre, M.
Pages : 1226- 1233
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (512 KB)]

Mathematical Model and Characterization of the Transient Behavior of a PEM Fuel Cell
Friede, W.; Rael, S.; Davat, B.
Pages : 1234- 1241
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (560 KB)]

An Intelligent Maximum Power Extraction Algorithm for Inverter-Based Variable Speed Wind Turbine Systems
Wang, Q.; Chang, L.
Pages : 1242- 1249
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (368 KB)]

Fuel Cell Power System and High Power DC–DC converter
Xu, H.; Kong, L.; Wen, X.
Pages : 1250- 1255
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (344 KB)]

Development of a Low Cost Fuel Cell Inverter System With DSP Control
Gopinath, R.; Kim, S.; Hahn, J.-H.; Enjeti, P.N.; Yeary, M.B.; Howze, J.W.
Pages : 1256- 1262
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (416 KB)]

Solid-Oxide-Fuel-Cell Performance and Durability: Resolution of the Effects of Power-Conditioning Systems and Application Loads
Mazumder, S.K.; Acharya, K.; Haynes, C.L.; Williams, R.; vonSpakovsky, M.R.; Nelson, D.J.; Rancruel, D.F.; Hartvigsen, J.; Gemmen, R.S.
Pages : 1263- 1278
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1944 KB)]

High-Frequency Link Inverter for Fuel Cells Based on Multiple-Carrier PWM
Krein, P.T.; Balog, R.S.; Geng, X.
Pages : 1279- 1288
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (488 KB)]

A Cost-Effective Single-Stage Inverter With Maximum Power Point Tracking
Chen, Y.; Smedley, K.M.
Pages : 1289- 1294
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (248 KB)]

Power Controller Design for Maximum Power Tracking in Solar Installations
Solodovnik, E.V.; Liu, S.; Dougal, R.A.
Pages : 1295- 1304
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (488 KB)]

Topologies of Single-Phase Inverters for Small Distributed Power Generators: An Overview
Xue, Y.; Chang, L.; Kjaer, S.B.; Bordonau, J.; Shimizu, T.
Pages : 1305- 1314
Lien : private/Xue1.pdf - 336 Ko, 10 pages.

  [1] :  [ART585]  Y. XUE, L. CHANG, S.B. KJAER, J. BORDONAU, T. SHIMIZU, Topologies of Single-Phase Inverters for Small Distributed Power Generators: An Overview, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 19, Issue 5, September 2004.

Low Cost Fuel Cell Converter System for Residential Power Generation
Wang, J.; Peng, F.Z.; Anderson, J.; Joseph, A.; Buffenbarger, R.
Pages : 1315- 1322
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (600 KB)]

Flexible Control of Small Wind Turbines With Grid Failure Detection Operating in Stand-Alone and Grid-Connected Mode
Teodorescu, R.; Blaabjerg, F.
Pages : 1323- 1332
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (920 KB)]

Solid-State Circuit Breakers and Current Limiters for Medium-Voltage Systems Having Distributed Power Systems
Meyer, C.; Schroder, S.; DeDoncker, R.W.
Pages : 1333- 1340
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (448 KB)]

Parasitic Ringing and Design Issues of Digitally Controlled High Power Interleaved Boost Converters
Huang, X.; Wang, X.; Nergaard, T.; Lai, J.-S.; Xu, X.; Zhu, L.
Pages : 1341- 1352
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1104 KB)]

Distributed Control of Renewable Generation Units With Integrated Active Filter
Macken, K.J.P.; Vanthournout, K.; VandenKeybus, J.; Deconinck, G.; Belmans, R.J.M.
Pages : 1353- 1360
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IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics information for authors
Pages : 1361- 1362
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Pages : 1363- 1363
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IEEE Member Digital Library
Pages : 1364- 1364
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IEEE Power Electronics Society Information
Pages : c3- c3
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