IEEE Transactions on "Industrial Electronics", Volume 51, Issue 4, August 2004.
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Titre : IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Volume 51, Issue 4, August 2004.

Cité dans : [DIV369]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, novembre 2005.

Volume : 51
Issue : 4
Date : Aug. 2004

Table of contents
Pages : c1- 741
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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics publication information
Pages : c2- c2
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Guest Editorial
Buja, G.S.
Pages : 742- 743
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Direct Torque Control of PWM Inverter-Fed AC Motors—A Survey
Buja, G.S.; Kazmierkowski, M.P.
Pages : 744- 757
[PDF Full-Text (616 KB)]

Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines With Constant Switching Frequency and Reduced Torque Ripple
Idris, N.R.N.; Yatim, A.H.M.
Pages : 758- 767
[PDF Full-Text (752 KB)]

Novel Switching Techniques for Reducing the Speed Ripple of AC Drives With Direct Torque Control
Lai, Y.-S.; Wang, W.-K.; Chen, Y.-C.
Pages : 768- 775
[PDF Full-Text (616 KB)]

Band-Constrained Technique for Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor
Ambrozic, V.; Buja, G.S.; Menis, R.
Pages : 776- 784
[PDF Full-Text (488 KB)]

Variable-Structure Direct Torque Control—A Class of Fast and Robust Controllers for Induction Machine Drives
Lascu, C.; Boldea, I.; Blaabjerg, F.
Pages : 785- 792
[PDF Full-Text (512 KB)]

Limitation of the Load Angle in a Direct-Torque-Controlled Synchronous Machine Drive
Luukko, J.; Pyrhonen, O.; Niemela, M.; Pyrhonen, J.
Pages : 793- 798
[PDF Full-Text (392 KB)]

Problems Associated With the Direct Torque Control of an Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive and Their Remedies
Rahman, M.F.; Haque, M.E.; Tang, L.; Zhong, L.
Pages : 799- 809
[PDF Full-Text (1136 KB)]

Direct Self-Control and Synchronous Pulse Techniques for High-Power Traction Inverters in Comparison
Steimel, A.
Pages : 810- 820
[PDF Full-Text (1064 KB)]

Smooth Section Crossing of Controlled-Repulsive PM LSM Vehicle by DTC Method Based on New Concept of Fictitious Section
Yoshida, K.; Takami, H.; Fujii, A.
Pages : 821- 826
[PDF Full-Text (1824 KB)]

Direct Torque Control With Imposed Switching Frequency in an 11-Level Cascaded Inverter
Rodriguez, J.; Pontt, J.; Kouro, S.; Correa, P.
Pages : 827- 833
[PDF Full-Text (576 KB)]

A New Modulation Method to Reduce Common-Mode Voltages in Multilevel Inverters
Rodriguez, J.; Pontt, J.; Correa, P.; Cortes, P.; Silva, C.
Pages : 834- 839
[PDF Full-Text (528 KB)]

Selection of Optimal Closed-Loop Controllers for DC–DC Voltage Regulators Based on Nominal and Tolerance Design
DiLorenzodelCasale, M.; Femia, N.; Lamberti, P.; Mainardi, V.
Pages : 840- 849
[PDF Full-Text (712 KB)]

A New Control Strategy for an AC/DC Converter Based on a Piezoelectric Transformer
Diaz, J.; Nuno, F.; Lopera, J.M.; martinramos, J.A.
Pages : 850- 856
[PDF Full-Text (1064 KB)]

Intelligent and Universal Fast Charger for Ni-Cd and Ni-MH Batteries in Portable Applications
Diaz, J.; Martin-Ramos, J.A.; Pernia, A.M.; Nuno, F.; Linera, F.F.
Pages : 857- 863
[PDF Full-Text (784 KB)]

Unified Analysis of Switched-Capacitor Resonant Converters
Yeung, Y.P.B.; Cheng, K.W.E.; Ho, S.L.; Law, K.K.; Sutanto, D.
Pages : 864- 873
[PDF Full-Text (592 KB)]

A Power-Factor-Corrected AC–AC Inverter Topology Using a Unified Controller for High-Frequency Power Distribution Architecture
Guo, W.; Jain, P.K.
Pages : 874- 883
[PDF Full-Text (616 KB)]

An Analysis of Three-Phase Rectifiers With Near-Sinusoidal Input Currents
Alexa, D.; Sirbu, A.; Dobrea, D.-M.
Pages : 884- 891
[PDF Full-Text (528 KB)]

Lagrangian Modeling and Passivity-Based Control of Three-Phase AC/DC Voltage-Source Converters
Lee, T.-S.
Pages : 892- 902
[PDF Full-Text (568 KB)]

Use of a Sinusoidal Series for Modeling Discrete Windowed Data as an Alternative to Interpolation
Kansal, S.; Cook, G.
Pages : 903- 909
[PDF Full-Text (784 KB)]

Evolutionary-Programming-Based Optimization of Reduced-Rank Adaptive Filters for Reference Generation in Active Power Filters
Ovaska, S.J.; Vainio, O.
Pages : 910- 916
[PDF Full-Text (416 KB)]

Modeling and Sliding-Mode Control of Friction-Based Object Transport Using Two-Mode Ultrasonic Excitation
Panusittikorn, W.; Lee, M.C.; Ro, P.I.
Pages : 917- 926
[PDF Full-Text (480 KB)]

A Reduced-Rating Hybrid Filter to Suppress Neutral Current Harmonics in Three-Phase Four-Wire Systems
Choi, S.; Jang, M.
Pages : 927- 930
[PDF Full-Text (248 KB)]

Stability Improvement of$V/f$-Controlled Induction Motor Drive Systems by a Dynamic Current Compensator
Jung, J.-H.; Jeong, G.-Y.; Kwon, B.-H.
Pages : 930- 933
[PDF Full-Text (224 KB)]

Design of a Compact Series-Connected AC Voltage Regulator With an Improved Control Algorithm
Tsai, M.T.
Pages : 933- 936
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IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Information
Pages : c3- c3
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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics information for authors
Pages : c4- c4
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