IEEE Transactions on "Power Electronics", Volume 19, Issue 3, May 2004.
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Titre : IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 19, Issue 3, May 2004.

Cit dans : [DIV367]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, aot 2013.

Volume : 19
Issue : 3
Date : May 2004

Table of contents
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IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics publication information
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Silicon Carbide PiN and Merged PiN Schottky Power Diode Models Implemented in the Saber Circuit Simulator
McNutt, T.R.; Hefner, A.R.; Mantooth, H.A.; Duliere, J.; Berning, D.W.; Singh, R.
Pages : 573 581
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (424 KB)]

Integrated Magnetics for CurrentDoubler Rectifiers
Sun, J.; Webb, K.F.; Mehrotra, V.
Pages : 582 590
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (592 KB)]

Filters With Inductance Cancellation Using Printed Circuit Board Transformers
Neugebauer, T.C.; Perreault, D.J.
Pages : 591 602
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (640 KB)]

Electromagnetic Modeling for Design and Loss Estimation of Resonant Integrated Spiral Planar Power Passives (ISP$^3$)
Strydom, J.T.; vanWyk, J.D.
Pages : 603 617
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (1168 KB)]

Automotive Power Generation and Control
Perreault, D.J.; Caliskan, V.
Pages : 618 630
Lien : private/Perreault1.pdf - 13 pages, 648 Ko.

  [1] :  [ART550]  D.J. PERREAULT, V. CALISKAN, Automotive power generation and control, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 19, No. 3, May 2004, pp. 618-630.

Multiinput Converter With Power Factor Correction, Maximum Power Point Tracking, and RippleFree Input Currents
Chen, Y.M.; Liu, Y.C.; Wu, F.Y.
Pages : 631 639
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (568 KB)]

Improved ThreePhase HighQuality Rectifier With LineCommutated Switches
Marafao, J.A.G.; Pomilio, J.A.; Spiazzi, G.
Pages : 640 648
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (656 KB)]

A Sampling Algorithm for Digitally Controlled Boost PFC Converters
VandeSype, D.M.; DeGusseme, K.; VandenBossche, A.P.; Melkebeek, J.A.A.
Pages : 649 657
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (600 KB)]

A Novel Active Soft Switching Snubber Designed for Boost Converter
Ivanovic, B.; Stojiljkovic, Z.
Pages : 658 665
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (320 KB)]

A PWM Plus PhaseShift Control Bidirectional DCDC Converter
Xu, D.; Zhao, C.; Fan, H.
Pages : 666 675
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (712 KB)]

Bodur, H.; Bakan, A.F.
Pages : 676 684
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (336 KB)]

On the ZeroCrossing Distortion in SinglePhase PFC Converters
Sun, J.
Pages : 685 692
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (496 KB)]

A CurrentTripler dc/dc Converter
Xu, M.; Zhou, J.; Lee, F.C.
Pages : 693 700
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (336 KB)]

A New Family of FullBridge ZVS Converters
Jang, Y.; Jovanovic, M.M.
Pages : 701 708
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (416 KB)]

Digital Implementation of a Line Current Shaping Algorithm for Three Phase High Power Factor Boost Rectifier Without Input Voltage Sensing
Chattopadhyay, S.; Ramanarayanan, V.
Pages : 709 721
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (960 KB)]

Limits of the NeutralPoint Balance in BacktoBackConnected ThreeLevel Converters
Pou, J.; Pindado, R.; Boroyevich, D.; Rodriguez, P.
Pages : 722 731
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (664 KB)]

Control of Cascaded Multilevel Inverters
Corzine, K.A.; Wielebski, M.W.; Peng, F.Z.; Wang, J.
Pages : 732 738
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (280 KB)]

An Error Bounded Current Controller With Constant Sampling Frequency
Pan, C.T.; Huang, Y.S.; Li, C.Y.
Pages : 739 747
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (392 KB)]

A Design Method for Paralleling Current Mode Controlled DCDC Converters
Li, P.; Lehman, B.
Pages : 748 756
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (320 KB)]

Pulse Train Control Technique for Flyback Converter
Telefus, M.; Shteynberg, A.; Ferdowsi, M.; Emadi, A.
Pages : 757 764
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (296 KB)]

Analyzing Voltage Background Distortion Effects on PWM AdjustableSpeed Drives
Carbone, R.
Pages : 765 774
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (416 KB)]

Stator Flux Based SpaceVector Modulation and Closed Loop Control of the Stator Flux Vector in Overmodulation Into SixStep Mode
Tripathi, A.; Khambadkone, A.M.; Panda, S.K.
Pages : 775 782
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (384 KB)]

Extending the Constant Power Speed Range of the Brushless DC Motor Through DualMode Inverter Control
Lawler, J.S.; Bailey, J.M.; McKeever, J.W.; Pinto, J.
Pages : 783 793
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (520 KB)]

A Dual TwoLevel Inverter Scheme With Common Mode Voltage Elimination for an Induction Motor Drive
Baiju, M.R.; Mohapatra, K.K.; Kanchan, R.S.; Gopakumar, K.
Pages : 794 805
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (736 KB)]

Control and Testing of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) at Medium Voltage Level
Nielsen, J.G.; Newman, M.; Nielsen, H.; Blaabjerg, F.
Pages : 806 813
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (512 KB)]

A Novel Control Algorithm for Static Series Compensators by Use of PQR Instantaneous Power Theory
Lee, S.J.; Kim, H.; Sul, S.K.; Blaabjerg, F.
Pages : 814 827
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (664 KB)]

On Some Misinterpretations of the Instantaneous Reactive Power$phboxq$Theory
Czarnecki, L.S.
Pages : 828 836
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (320 KB)]

Mitigation of Unbalanced Voltage Dips Using Static Series Compensator
Awad, H.; Svensson, J.; Bollen, M.
Pages : 837 846
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (1120 KB)]

A Novel Electrode Power Profiler for Dimmable Ballasts Using DC Link Voltage and Switching Frequency Controls
Lee, S.T.S.; Chung, H.S.H.; Hui, S.Y.R.
Pages : 847 853
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (288 KB)]

Dimming Control and Characteristics of HighFrequency Operated Metal Halide Lamps
Cao, X.; Yan, W.; Hui, S.Y.R.; Chung, H.S.H.
Pages : 854 861
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (216 KB)]

Measurement of Noise Source Impedance of SMPS Using a Two Probes Approach
See, K.Y.; Deng, J.
Pages : 862 868
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (944 KB)]

Effects of Parasitic Parameters on EMI Filter Performance
Wang, S.; Lee, F.C.; Chen, D.Y.; Odendaal, W.G.
Pages : 869 877
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (824 KB)]

Correction to LowCost Sensorless Control of Brushless DC Motors With Improved Speed Range
Pages : 878 879
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF FullText (224 KB)]

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Pages : 881 881
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Pages : 882 882
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IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics information for authors
Pages : 883 884
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